holiday fireworks in Costa Rica

Have you ever spent a holiday abroad? If not, our Costa Rica all-inclusive villas and luxury homes are an invitation to escape the traditional and swap winter landscapes for tropical sands. Exchange snow angels and hot chocolate for infinity pools and afternoon drinks.

You can even level-up the luxury and reserve on of our Costa Rica villas with chef, for the lowest stress, gourmet holiday meal you can dream up. So, whether it’s this year or next, consider a new take on your holiday festivities: From Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s to any other holiday you celebrate, Costa Rica is delighted to help you celebrate in style.

For a True Tropical Holiday: Ocean Frontage and/or Ocean Views

ocean wave in Costa Rica

When does location become the epitome of luxury? When it comes with a slice of the Pacific!

Throughout Costa Rica, oceanfront homes are exceptionally rare. (However, we proudly offer several oceanfront villas! Discover yours through our property search by utilizing the Refine Filters button and selecting “Ocean Front.”) When oceanfront is not available, awe-inspiring ocean views step in.

These aren’t your average or fleeting glimpses; Costa Rica’s rugged coastline and meandering landscapes provide the backdrop for extraordinary, 180º, panoramic vistas that stretch across the glistening Pacific Ocean and vibrant sunsets. And some of our Costa Rica all-inclusive villas have a front-row seat.

What’s more, many of these villas are so close to the coast that you can peek in on the day’s surf conditions and even hear the rhythmic crash of waves from your private pool terrace. (Remember, explore our ocean-view luxury villas in Costa Rica through our property search, employing the Refine Filters button and selecting “Ocean View.”)

For Low-Stress Holiday Meals: Meal Prep at our Costa Rica Villas with Chef

Costa Rica luxury vacation service private chef

When your culinary aspirations are as simple as brewing a morning coffee and popping some popcorn at night but your heart wishes for elaborate holiday feasts – grilling up the day’s catch or orchestrating an entire holiday-in-paradise menu – a fully-equipped gourmet kitchen, included meal prep, and the skills of a private chef hold the key to transforming your getaway.

Drawing from personal experience, we can attest that, especially when accompanied by early-rising little ones, a well-equipped kitchen, a brimming box of cereal, and the luxury of sleeping in while the kids prepare their own bowls create an unparalleled experience. If you can sleep in a bit, you’ll enjoy our daily breakfast service, plus snack and beverage prep, at select Elite Service and Costa Rica all-inclusive villas.

For those moments when you prefer to let someone else take the culinary reins (or create a holiday feast), a luxury chef’s kitchen seamlessly complements private chef services. We are delighted to assist you in arranging anything from a single special meal to daily meal preparations, whether it’s a laid-back, family-style dinner or an exquisite tropical-fusion gourmet experience.

For Chill Afternoons: Private Pool

Casa Bonita Beach

Fancy a waterslide? Ask us about Casa Bonita Beach!

Sometimes, all you need to complete your holiday is an invitation to relax and enjoy the view. And because Costa Rica is dedicated to fulfilling your vacation dreams – to inviting you to experience your leisure time a little differently – we’re happy to comply. Let time slow down. Watch the sun hang high a little longer. And, lean in. Life is good.

Because, you’ve rented one of these vacation homes, equipped with private swimming pools – from ocean views and waterslides to infinity edges and private enclaves. You’ll spend time on your private terrace, in these cozy sun loungers. You’ll floated the afternoon away, suspended between sky and sea.

And then, you’ll pour you and your family an ice-cold drink in preparation for one of the world’s best sunsets. This is the life. The life you for you, at least while you’re here. Enjoy!

For Sunsets & Fireworks: Hot Tub

There is nothing, and we do mean nothing, like lounging in a bubbling hot tub and watching a dazzling sunset, holiday fireworks, or simply the night stars as they wink on.

For Your Holiday Photos: Tropical-Modern Architecture

Villa Sueno luxury vacation rental Playa Dominical

If your heart resonates with high-end design, then immersing yourself in one of Costa Rica’s most luxurious villas will be an experience to cherish – and an incredible holiday photo opportunity.

Crafted by renowned international architects and adorned with professional decor, these homes boast an array of features, from expansive natural stone accents and lofty ceilings framing picturesque views to oversized windows and retractable glass walls that seamlessly merge indoor and outdoor realms.

Embodying a unique blend of tropical allure and modern aesthetics, the tropical-modern architecture of Costa Rica’s luxury villas is unparalleled. Nestled within ultra-private settings amidst lush landscapes, these residences showcase clean lines, contemporary color palettes, soaring interiors, expansive outdoor spaces, and a harmonious fusion of natural elements with sleek steel.

Adding to the allure are distinctive, exceptional details: picture a home with an island pool and a central floating outdoor living area, or a mini-resort comprising seven independent structures housing six villa-style suites, each featuring spacious bedrooms, bathrooms, private porches, and sitting areas with jungle or ocean vistas. Perhaps a “perfect 10” koi pond, Balinese-style architecture, cascading decks, and extensive glass elements that dissolve the boundaries between inside and outside.

For De-Stressing After the Holidays: Luxury, In-Home Spa Services

Costa Rica luxury spa services 16 9

Pamper yourself! That’s the cardinal rule for any Tamarindo holiday getaway. Embrace indulgence. Treat yourself to a moment of self-care and relaxation. And what better way to achieve this than with a half- or full spa day?

Picture luxuriating in a soaking tub, experiencing rejuvenating facials, invigorating body scrubs, indulgent body wraps, manicures, pedicures, massages, and any other treatments that capture your imagination. As a delightful bonus, savor a gourmet lunch, complemented by wine, followed by a leisurely soak in the Jacuzzi, all included in your pampering experience. We can even book in-villa spa experiences.

Where to Stay: Costa Rica All-Inclusive Villas

Looking for somewhere to spend your holiday? We recommend starting with some of our most beloved Costa Rica all-inclusive villas and private homes: 

Villa Encantada

Hacienda Pinilla | 8 Beds | 10 Baths | 32 Guests

Villa Encantada Costa Rica All-Inclusive Villas with a chef

Prepare to question reality as you step into Villa Encantada, a captivating oasis that seems plucked from the realm of dreams. This enchanting abode whispers promises of an unforgettable retreat from the moment you cross its threshold.

The true gem of this idyllic haven? Your exclusive pool – a secluded sanctuary adorned with an aquatic volleyball net, elevating the ambiance with a touch of joyous celebration. Lose track of time as you immerse yourself in its clear embrace, every second a testament to pure bliss.

Yet, the enchantment doesn’t end there. The outdoor living spaces at Villa Encantada unfold like scenes from a reverie. Picture a private resort just a step away, perfect for lavish gatherings or basking in unparalleled opulence. Visualize sunset soirées and memorable holidays that will leave your friends back home in awe. The grandeur of this space is awe-inspiring, transforming each moment into a regal experience.

Amidst all this splendor, the gentle whispers of nearby waves serve as a constant reminder of your proximity to the beach. Days seamlessly blend into a sumptuous tapestry of relaxation and indulgence, prompting a desire to halt time and savor each moment just a bit longer.

Note that Villa Encantada is one of our Elite Service villas, and for a limited time, private chef service is included, for a full Costa Rica all-inclusive villas experience.

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Compass House

Tamarindo | 8 Beds | 8 Baths | 16 Guests

Compass House ocean view swimming pool-min

The compass may always point north, but your heart will lead you to Compass House. Set high on a hill above Tamarindo and the Pacific Ocean, this chic ocean-view property is built for discerning expectations: crisp lines and a modern color palette, soaring interiors and expansive exteriors, natural materials and cool steel.

And, always, a sense of connection to sand and sea, to sky and Mother Nature. This may be one of the only Costa Rica luxury villas and Tamarindo-area homes to offer a heated Jacuzzi, or to deploy a Sonos speaker system, or to deliver this infinity pool, but really, you’re here for this feeling, this experience, this view. It’s always about the view.

We know there’s something special, when you feel like you’re both traveling with a group and completely in your own world. And, this is exactly the travel world you’ll inhabit at Casa Compass, where each of the eight luxury bedroom/bathroom suites opens to the outdoors – and ocean views – through its own set of oversized sliding glass doors.

Note that Compass House is one of our Elite Service villas, which means that many services are included. Add a private chef for a full Costa Rica all-inclusive villas experience.

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Villa Sueno

Dominical / Uvita | 4 Beds | 5.5 Baths | 8 Guests

Villa Sueno private vacation home Dominical Costa Rica

Where the majesty of the ocean meets an opulent infinity pool, an exclusive fitness sanctuary, and gastronomic wonders, Villa Sueno emerges as the tranquil embodiment of your Costa Rican dreams (sueños). It’s an enthralling vista that spans the shimmering coastline and vast Pacific, offering 180º panoramic views. Welcome to a dream turned reality. Welcome to bliss!

In Spanish, the term sueño aptly doubles as “sleep,” capturing the profound, contented rest you’ll relish, knowing your every dawn will break in such a paradise. A paradise where vistas lure your gaze out toward the Pacific, where the infinity pool offers uninterrupted sights of the dense jungle and the expansive sea beyond. Dive into these refreshing waters, immerse in the verdant forest backdrop, and get lost in the cerulean ocean depths. The sheer contentment and serenity you’ll find here are, indeed, indescribable.

If your idea of a vacation is an invigorating reset of your well-being and rediscovering your zest for life, Villa Sueno is poised to deliver. Outfitted with a dedicated gym, state-of-the-art fitness amenities, and serene nooks, it ranks high among our wellness-focused Costa Rica luxury homes. Experience tranquility. Reconnect with your essence. Embrace peace. This is the promise of Villa Sueno.

In this haven, where serenity dances to nature’s cadence, you will resonate with the very soul of Costa Rica and, even more profoundly, with your own. Immerse yourself in the dream – the sueño – that is Villa Sueno.

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For Your Every Whim: A Dedicated Concierge

When you reserve one of our Costa Rica all-inclusive villas, you’re guaranteeing yourself both a spectacular vacation home and full (and FREE) travel concierge services.

So, what does that mean? After you make your reservation, your personal concierge will get in touch. She’ll send our welcome book, which includes plenty of details about the Tamarindo area, activities, tours, and other need-to-know information. Then, your concierge will follow up, in order to know you and your travel group as well as s/he knows Tamarindo.

After you’ve built your must-see, must-experience list, your concierge will help you build your trip around your wish list: tours, adventures, spa services, personal chefs – whatever you seek, your concierge will source. Then, s/he will book them all on your behalf, with zero markup.

And, while you’re here, your personal concierge is on call to attend any problems, questions, or other issues. You’re never without helping, and that itself is its own amenity.