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Oceanfront, ocean-view – take your pick of these 13 Costa Rica luxury vacation villas, and you can spend the afternoon, the day, the week in a private, seaside swimming pool. [Pictured: The oceanfront pool at Casa Tranquila]

The sun is warm. The breeze is soft. Birds sing and waves crash in the distance. And, as for you? Well, you’re relaxing in your private, ocean-view pool. Perhaps that’s a drink in your hand? The scent of fresh fish, charring on the grill? An sun-loving iguana, toddling across your terrace?

Any way you envision it, this is life at some of the top Costa Rica luxury vacation villas.

This is your life.

Because, Costa Rica is dedicated to fulfilling your vacation dreams. To inviting you to experience your leisure time a little differently. Here, time slows down. The sun hangs high a little longer. And, life is good.

Because, you’ve rented one of these vacation homes, equipped with ocean-view and oceanfront swimming pools. You’ve spent time on your private terrace, in these cozy sun loungers. You’ve floated the afternoon away, suspended between sky and sea.

And now, you’ve poured yourself an ice-cold drink in preparation for one of the world’s best sunsets. You’ve decided that this is the life. The life you for you, at least while you’re here.

The only thing left to do, is enjoy it.

Compass House

8 Bedrooms | 8 Bathrooms | Sleeps 16

Compass House ocean view swimming pool-min

Expansive interior and exterior living spaces define Compass House, but you’re here for the ocean-view swimming pool. And this home delivers.

At Compass House, high design and natural surrounds do not exist independently of one another. In fact, the home was carefully designed around its startling tropical panoramas and ocean views: sprawling terraces, open living areas and, as promised, an ocean-view infinity pool, which appears to dangle, suspended above earth and sea.

You’ll see – it makes for quite the effect!

Villa Atardecer

4 Bedrooms | 3 Bathrooms | Sleeps 10

Villa Atardecer custom infinty pool-min

Built on three levels of terraces, balconies and rooftop decks, Villa Atardecer is named for its stunning views. Specifically, for its sunset views.

Floor-to-ceiling glass. Bright interiors. Open living spaces. A floating staircase. This is the full package, when it comes to Costa Rica luxury vacation villas. And yet, as magnificent as the home’s interior, the true centerpiece is Villa Atardecer’s custom infinity pool, built into a generous sun terrace topped with sun loungers, outdoor dining, a gas grill, and other ocean-view accouterments.

Villa Atardecer is the kind of home where you don’t just spend time outside; you vacation outside. By the ocean-view pool.

Puesta del Sol

4 Bedrooms | 4 Bathrooms | Sleeps 12

Puesta del Sol pool - Costa Rica luxury vacation villas-min

A sunny terrace. An invigorating breeze. A breathtaking view. These are the promises of a stay at Puesta del Sol, one of the most spectacular Costa Rica luxury vacation villas.

Let us set the scene: It’s late afternoon. You’re relaxing on the pool’s tanning ledge, an ice-cold drink in your hand. Bird swoop. Waves crash. A breeze tickles up the mountainside. You take a dip in the custom infinity pool. Then, as the sun begins its downward descent, you slip into the bubbling hot-tub. This is where you’ll stay, as the clouds effervesce into a painter’s palette and the sun dips behind the horizon.

This is where you’ll stay, long after the sky blackens and the stars wink back into existence.

Casa Lomas del Mar

4 Bedrooms | 4 Bathrooms | Sleeps 8

oceanview Casa Lomas del Mar-min

Sleek, modern and minimalist, Casa Lomas del Mar stands as a hillside paradise overlooking the sun-bleached curve of Playa Grande and Las Baulas National Marine Park.

A design ode to the pleasing effect clean lines and sharp angles – and to their contrast with smooth hills, pinned against the horizon – this luxury home celebrates uninterrupted space. Especially out on the expansive sun deck, featuring an outdoor sitting room, barbeque patio, and infinity-edge swimming pool.

We suppose you could call it the very height – literally and figuratively – of outdoor luxury living.

Oceano Azul

4 Bedrooms | 4 Bathrooms | Sleeps 10

oceanfront swimming pool Oceano Azul Costa Rica-min

Set on a quiet peninsula, formed by the dueling interests of lapping Pacific and tranquil estuary, Oceano Azul sits on one of the country’s most pristine volcanic beaches.

Beyond ocean-view, Oceano Azul is one of our top choices for oceanfront Costa Rica luxury vacation villas: A private sun terrace. A beachy color palette. Background sound from lapping waves. And, always, your oceanfront swimming pool. Cool. Refreshing. Private. And owning one of Guanacaste’s most exclusive, most secluded, most scenic views.

This is the kind of pool to inspire an entire vacation.

Casa Leo Loco

6 Bedrooms | 5 Bathrooms | Sleeps 12

Casa Leo Loco with private ocean-view swimming pool-min

When you dream of a tropical beach home, you inevitably envision Casa Leo Loco: Perched on the crest of a gentle coastal slope, rising from locally sourced woods and framed by oversized glass doors, the home celebrates exuberant nature and the serene Pacific.

It may not be why you come but it’s why you’ll want to stay: panoramic Pacific Ocean views, a thatched terrace, and a unique (and uniquely wondrous) multi-level infinity pool. Pour a favorite drink and step out onto the flagstone terrace. Dip your toes in. Take a swim. Reserve some time to enjoy the view.

Welcome to the world of pool-side breakfasts and sunset dinners. Welcome to Casa Leo Loco.

Casa Catalina

5 Bedrooms | 5 Bathrooms | Sleeps 16

ocean-view hilltop Casa Catalina-min

The world likes to throw around the word “breathtaking,” but few scenes literally take your breath away. The panorama from Casa Catalina and its ocean-view swimming pool is one of them.

Hovering on a seaside hill, a breezy 330 feet above the sand, Casa Catalina is a superlative among superlatives: Not only one of the most stunning Costa Rica luxury vacation villas, but the only property to afford these views and this unequaled sense of serenity. Here, the earth drops away, leaving you suspended in a dream-like panorama of sky and sea.

And you have front-row seats, from the calm and comfort of your private, ocean-view infinity pool.

Casa Puros Dieces

8 Bedrooms | 8.5 Bathrooms | Sleeps 20

Casa Puros Dieces - Costa Rica luxury vacation villas-min

A Balinese-style mansion set on a tropical hilltop, Casa Puros Dieces is one of Costa Rica’s largest luxury homes: Overlooking breathtaking coastal expanses and sun-dappled sands, this is where horizon meets sky and vacation meets luxury.

And, standing as heart and recreational core of the home, the casa’s infinity-edge swimming pool blurs the line between indoor and outdoor living: Sun loungers. Outdoor dining. Shaded living. Outdoor everything. This is why you’re here. So, jump in. Swim to the edge. Go ahead, bring your drink. As we said, this is why you’re here.

Casa Puros Dieces – and its spectacular pool – easily earn a perfect 10.

El Chante

8 Bedrooms | 8.5 Bathrooms | Sleeps 19

ocean-view pool at El Chante-min

Comprised of nine separate structures, El Chante is the kind of home that believes you can have it all. You can have resort amenities and spacious common areas, sustainable living and sprawling views – and you can have your privacy, courtesy of private bungalows and individual guest suites.

And, you can have the ocean-view pool of your dreams. You can swim beneath the shade of mature trees and leafy branches. You can lounge in the sun and swim lengths. You can dine outside and enjoy a drink at sunset. And then, you can retreat to the privacy of your own, private ocean views.

Believe it when El Change invites you to have it all.

Las Mareas Villa 6

3 Bedrooms | 3 Bathrooms | Sleeps 8

Las Mareas Villa 6 sea-view infinity pool-min

One of just six homes that compose the exclusive Villas Las Mareas community, this vacation home offer some of the most beautiful views over Tamarindo: silent curves and sun-kissed sand, biodiverse estuary and the pristine coast of Las Baulas National Marine Park.

Ocean-view and oceanfront, Las Mareas Villa 6 sits slightly up on the hillside – just the advantage to drink in expansive views and ocean breezes. At the center of your experience: An ocean-view, infinity-edge swimming pool, ringed by gracious terraces and sun loungers, a barbecue area and outdoor living.

It’s the best of everything you dreamed: private but not isolated, oceanfront yet breezy. Enjoy!

Casa Tranquila

4 Bedrooms | 4 Bathrooms | Sleeps 14

Casa Tranquila oceanfront Costa Rica-min

When it comes to Costa Rica luxury vacation villas, few can boast that they’re located within a beachfront gated community. That’s because there are few – very few – of these communities in existence. Welcome to Tamarindo Preserve Beach Club, unique even in the world of luxury communities: beachfront, with a 5-star bistro and bar, beachfront resort pool, yoga studio, and gym, among other amenities.

Casa Tranquila resides here. And, while its community is exclusive, the home stands on its own laurels: A beachfront villa and a celebration of tropical design, dedicated to cool mornings and sun-dappled afternoons, splendid sunsets and evenings beneath the stars.

And, every one of those moments is enjoyed here, at the beachfront, free-form infinity pool.

Casa Costa Blanca

7 Bedrooms | 7 Bathrooms | Sleeps 24

Casa Costa Blanca - Costa Rica luxury vacation villas-min

Step out of time and place, and into the dream world of Casa Costa Blanca, one of Costa Rica’s largest beachfront homes. One of Costa Rica’s most luxurious homes. And, soon, one of your favorite homes. Ever.

Your time here revolves around Casa Costa Blanca’s brand new, oversized custom infinity pool and hot tub. A true delight and a celebration of the tropical outdoors, this luxury home beckons you outdoors – out to a full outdoor kitchen and shaded dining, sun-drenched loungers and sparkling pool. All, steps to sand. Steps to the sea.

All this, private. All this, yours. Welcome to your dream world.

Casa Ventana

5 Bedrooms | 5.5 Bathrooms | Sleeps 12

Casa Ventana swimming pool with ocean views-min

Set into the hillsides of Tamarindo’s premier gated community, Casa Ventana is a west-facing, ocean-view, sunset-loving luxury vacation home of floor-to-ceiling glass, sunny recreation, and spectacular panoramas.

Step through the sliding glass doors and out onto your private sun terrace, crowning the full-length infinity pool: sparkling water, ocean views, and comfortable loungers. Mornings that beg poolside breakfasts, afternoons that beckon sun-bathing, and evenings that transition from brilliant sunset to leisure beneath the stars.

Can’t you almost hear the crashing surf?

Need Help?

While you’re in Costa Rica, you probably won’t spend all your time at the pool – right? Yes, even when it has ocean views. Because there is an entire [amazing] country out there, ripe to explore.

When you reserve one of our Costa Rica luxury vacation villas, you’re booking more than just a spectacular home; your reservation also includes full travel concierge services.

So, what does that mean? Well, when you make your reservation, our skilled in-house concierge will get in touch. She is an expert in all things Costa Rica and her job is to get to know you that well, too. Share your desires and preferences, peruse our recommendations, and start building your must-do, can’t-miss lists.

Our concierge will tailor your vacation to your specific needs and interests. From the little details – airport pickup and a private chef – to all your activities and transportation, our concierge services are absolutely and always free for our guests. You dream, we take care of the details.

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