plan Christmas in Costa Rica 2023

There’s nothing quite like Costa Rica luxury holidays: Your nearest and dearest, a favorite holiday, and new traditions beneath the golden sun, cerulean backdrops, and the sensation of sand between your toes. This is where your Costa Rica luxury vacation overlaps with paradise and where your next holiday becomes reality.

Whether you’re looking toward Thanksgiving and Christmas or plan to go tropical for your NYE fireworks, you should know that Costa Rica books early and solid for the holidays. Flights are more expensive. Accommodations are often reserved a year+ in advance. And the choicest activities, private chefs, and guides – well, they require plenty of advanced planning.

Our advice: Begin planning now. As in, today. Because the planning process can be long, especially when you’re traveling with a larger group. There are opinions and needs to balance, sleeping arrangements to consider. And when you put all that together with the challenges of holiday travel planning – well, again, we say advanced planning.

Our next tip: Start polling your group now. Because you’re here, we’ll assume that you’ve already decided that a Costa Rica luxury vacation is at least a contender. So now, it’s time to suggest a few vacation homes that could both accommodate your group and exceed their expectations.

And for that, we have a few suggestions! Even better, they all have some availability for holiday season 2023 – for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s. And for ease of planning, we’ve listed them from minimum to maximum bedrooms:

Villa Morocco

Santa Teresa | 4 Beds | 4 Baths | 8 Guests

Villa Morocco for luxury holidays in Costa Rica

If there’s one thing that Villa Morocco can guarantee, it’s a spectacular sunset. We’re talking about the kind you write home about. The kind that you’d take ten-thousand photos of, if you could only tear your eyes away for long enough to focus the lens. The kind that live in paintings and amidst hyper-saturated memory. The kind you wait all year, all of a lifetime, to relish. The kind you finally find, on your Costa Rica luxury vacation.

Welcome to Villa Morocco, a spectacular, 5-star, beachfront villa located along the shores of Playa Santa Teresa. Just steps to one of Costa Rica’s most breathtaking white-sand beaches, this perfect villa is surrounded by tropical scenery and yet, your eyes will always travel back to the home’s romantic architecture: 4,700 square feet of spacious luxury with four master bedrooms, an outdoor living area, a private pool and pool pavilion, a cozy lounge area, and many more spaces to love.

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Casa Paraiso Caletas

Jacó Mountains | 4 Beds | 3.5 Baths | 10 Guests

Casa Paraiso Caletas Costa Rica luxury villa

Located on Costa Rica’s convenient – and gorgeous – central Pacific Coast, about 15 minutes north of hopping Jacó, Casa Paraiso Caletas affords ever big and little luxury. Here, your mornings are filled with Pacific Ocean seascapes, gentle sunrises, and the backdrop of hooting howler monkeys and tropical birdsong, while events melt into the kind of brilliant sunset hues you’d think only came in crayon boxes, followed by inky skies alight with winking stars.

And yet, we know you’re here for more than views. And in that, Casa Paraiso Caleta delivers in spades. From the pristine, private infinity pool and expansive outdoor rancho to the fully equipped ultra-modern chef’s kitchen and spacious bedrooms (including three ensuites), this seaside paradise offers everything you need for your group’s Costa Rica luxury vacation.

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Casa Niri

Samara | 5 Beds | 4 Baths | 12 Guests

Casa Niri luxury vacation rental

Majestic. Designer. Boutique. Casa Niri is the kind of home you don’t think exists, until you find it. Luckily, you’ve found it. This spacious villa overlooks the lush rainforest canopy that stretches from the cliffs to the ocean, pouring into the resplendent views of golden beaches and the Pacific Ocean.

Blending the amenities of a private boutique hotel and the luxury of privacy, Casa Niri is indoor and outdoor elegance, soft and subtle design, and extravagant landscapes that beg your eye to wander and your soul to sour. Cozy into a favorite terrace nook or relax into the private infinity pool, spend unforgettable hours relaxing and order à la carte from the home’s full-service staff. And did we mention, breakfast is always included in your stay? So you can spend more time with the group and less time in the kitchen…

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Villa Capuchin

Dominical | 6 Beds | 6 Baths | 16 Guests

Villa Capuchin Costa Rica luxury home

A jewel in the crown of Costa Rica’s Pacific coast, Villa Capuchin overlooks the curve of Dominical and some of the country’s most scenic sights. Named in honor of the white-faced capuchin monkeys that make their home along Manuel Antonio’s rainforest-covered hilly slopes, this expansive villa welcomes your group to incredible sunsets, convenience, and abundant wildlife, including toucans and howler monkeys! You’ll be happy to know that it’s also within easy driving distance of Costa Rica’s famous “whale’s tale” sand bar.

Seemingly created to cater to Costa Rica luxury holidays, Villa Capuchin is a study in exotic beauty and private luxuries. And you’re going to love this 3,000-square-foot pool – truly a sight to behold, with its gentle curves, sparkling waters, and serene views. Take a moment to enjoy it, to spread out on the home’s terrace and balcony, whip up a feast in the outdoor kitchen, cool off in one of four outdoor showers, and discover the many secret corners where you can snag some sun, privacy, and peace.

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Villa Gabriela

Manuel Antonio | 6 Beds | 6 Baths | 12 Guests

Villa Gabriela luxury vacation in Costa Rica

Did you ever think you’d find a heliport in the middle of a tropical paradise? Neither did we and yet, we’re here, at Villa Gabriela, surrounded by Costa Rica’s exuberant natural beauty and a luxury complex of no compare.

Located between the southern beach towns of Dominical and Dominicalito, Villa Gabriela is flanked by ocean and sand, jungle and horizon. And this is your invitation to share in this little slice of heaven – in the brand of privacy and seclusion you can enjoy on Costa Rica luxury holidays of a certain caliber. Welcome to your new baseline for luxury: six luxury villas, distributed throughout the home’s grounds, paired with a private pool, chef’s kitchen, mini bar, zen garden, Jacuzzi, included housekeeping, and that aforementioned private heliport.

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Villa Los Sueños

Manuel Antonio | 7 Beds | 7 Baths | 14 Guests

Villa Los Suenos luxury vacation home Manuel Antonio

What’s in a name? If said name is Villa Los Sueños, then we’d answer, “a promise,” for this Villa of Dreams sits perched on a cliff overlooking Manuel Antonio and the Pacific Ocean, where the horizon dips so low you can almost reach out and touch it. Welcome to an escape so breathtaking, so striking, so luxurious, you’d think you’d dreamed it into existence. As we said, a promise.

Of course, it’s about more than accolades. With more than 6,000 square feet of interiors and a spectacular 3,000 square feet of terraces and decks, Villa Los Sueños embodies opportunity. Consider this your invitation to revel in the great outdoors and indulge in luxurious splendor. Your group will appreciate the home’s striking views, which are framed on every level and along almost every surface, thanks to nine-foot folding window walls. And speaking of appreciation, you’ll all love the ocean-view, salt-sanitized infinity pool and the indoor Jacuzzi

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The Luxury Point

Tamarindo | 7 Beds | 9 Baths | 17 Guests

The Luxury Point vacation home Costa Rica

If your group is looking for something approximating a dream home – or at least, a dream Costa Rica luxury vacation – then there’s no better direction to look than toward The Luxury Point. Occupying rare and desirable Tamarindo beachfront, this one-of-a-kind villa is a true stunner, seemingly crafted to accommodate the needs of your group, while surrounding you with Costa Rica’s exquisite natural beauty and immersing you in the joys, gastronomy, and entertainment of downtown Tamarindo.

Pacific views and sandy toes are the promises of your escape to The Luxury Point, which delivers seven oceanfront suites, a state-of-the-art kitchen, an oversize swimming pool, indoor/outdoor living, and even an ocean-view private gym, if you’re so inclined. This and many other amenities – all, literal steps between two of Costa Rica’s most famous white-sand beaches (Playa Tamarindo and Playa Langosta) – are your group’s retreat and respite. Welcome home.

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Casa Bellamora

Playa Langosta | 8 Beds | 8 Baths | 20 Guests

Casa Bellamora Playa Langosta vacation rental 16 9

When it comes to amenities in Costa Rica, there’s one incomparable, un-replicable luxuries that your group cannot overlook: beach access. At Casa Bellamora, the treasure of Langosta Beach, you’ll enjoy this one incredible amenity, this unparalleled location that cannot be equaled and is guaranteed to level up your getaway.

For here, suspended above the sand, you’ll love this private yet central, welcoming but exclusive rental that’s just a one-minute walk to toes-in-sand. And if this matchless location and eight modern bedrooms, and don’t make the decision for you, then Casa Bellamora’s spectacular pool delivers the tipping point. Unfolding over an expansive, ocean-view pool deck, shaded seating, and ample, sun-drenched lounge spaces, your group’s sparkling private pool offers a refreshing respite, exclusive views, and a tranquil setting for vacation memory-making.

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Villa Izel

Manuel Antonio | 10 Beds | 10 Baths | 26 Guests

Villa Izel luxury vacation rental Manuel Antonio

Undoubtedly one-of-a-kind, Villa Izel is one of the most striking luxury homes on the coast. Suspended above the sea, sand, waves, and the islands of Manuel Antonio, this spectacular retreat venue promises panoramic jungle and Pacific views, visiting wildlife (hi, tiny squirrel monkeys!), and 10 spacious bedrooms (including three master suites) that unfold over the home’s expansive 12,000 square feet and two wings – perfect for large groups!

In a word, Villa Izel is a spectacular and striking Costa Rica luxury vacation home. You will love the villa’s incomparable outdoor spaces, which extend to two outdoor living rooms, outdoor dining beneath the stars, a 20-person solar-heated whirlpool, and an oversized infinity-edge pool flanked by the scenery that brings your group here in the first place: palm trees, ocean views, and sweeping views of tropical jungle and lush foliage.

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A Final Tip: Ask for Help to Plan Your Costa Rica Luxury Vacation

For a country smaller than West Virginia, Costa Rica is vast and our holiday options are many. So really, it begins with you: What do you dream for Costa Rica luxury holidays? What do you want to see and do? Where do you want to go?

At Luxury Villas Costa Rica, we have two specialties: homes at and on the best beaches in Guanacaste, and you. Yes, you. Because a great vacation is rooted in heart – in what you and your group hope to get out of your travels. So please, tell us why you’ve chosen Costa Rica and what you dream for your holiday travel. If you don’t know exactly where you want to go, even if you haven’t whittled down your wish list, we can help. We love to help.

So please, peruse our Costa Rica destinations. Dream a little (and a lot). And then, get in touch! We look forward to it.