best Costa Rica destinations for weddingsCongratulations! Planning your wedding is one of life’s most joyful and awaited moments. And choosing from among your favorite Costa Rica wedding destinations only adds to the excitement and anticipation.

Before you commit – to a destination and plan, that is! – we wanted to offer a few tips, a bit of advice, and some planning know-how. Because we’ve hosted many weddings and wedding couples, and we’ve learned quite a bit along the way!

Tip #1: Get Married Before Your Wedding

Now, keep in mind that this is just a suggestion and by no means a must, but if we were to offer one peace-of-mind piece of advice, it would be this: Get married before you get married!

Here’s why: Getting married in Costa Rica is easy. There are very few requirements to get married here – essentially, a valid passport (and you’d need that anyway) and a legal wedding officiant – but there may be requirements to have your marriage legalized back home.

Here’s what we mean: In order to get legally married in Costa Rica, you’ll need a legal wedding officiant. (By law, in Costa Rica, only a Catholic priest or an attorney/judge are considered legal officiants. If you’d like a different religious officiant, you’ll need to pair their services with those of an attorney.) From there, you simply sign your marriage documentation and wait for the Costa Rican National Registry to issue your marriage certificate. (It usually takes 8-12 weeks.)

This is where it can get a little tedious. Depending on your home country, the requirements to register your marriage abroad will differ. For most countries, it requires a combination of notarization, legal and officialized translations, international mail services, and an apostille certification. In other words, paperwork and funds.

So, as we said, if we could offer one piece of advice to lower your stress levels and aid in peace of mind, it would simply be to skip the marriage abroad in favor of a wedding abroad. (No one even has to know, if you don’t want them to!)

Costa Rica Wedding Destinations: Casa de Luz

Playa Langosta | 8 Beds | 7 Baths | 23 Guests

Casa de Luz Costa Rica luxury villas

Casa de Luz is a spectacular, solar-powered, beachfront wedding venue that promises incredible events

The jewel of Playa Langosta, Casa de Luz is a true Costa Rican wonder: steps from the Pacific and on the sand, this fully staffed, solar-powered mansion is a private wedding venue that strives to fulfill your every dream.

Because here, you’ve found one of the few Costa Rica wedding destinations that are located on the sand, on an almost private beach. (By law, there are no private beaches in Costa Rica. But this one’s so secluded, you’re more likely to see a playful dolphin than another soul!) Add to that, a Pacific-view, oceanfront swimming pool and expansive deck, private beach access, and a beachfront casita seemingly made for honeymooners, and you’ll see why Casa de Luz is a favorite among wedding couples.

This little slice of heaven promises a complete VIP experience. Here are a few reasons why our wedding specialists recommend Casa de Luz:

  • Beachfront Location: Beachfront is the ultimate amenity for Costa Rica wedding destinations. In lieu of mere ocean views or ocean access, Casa de Luz is right on the beach – and has ocean views and ocean access! And by that, we mean take a few steps, and you’re there!
  • WorldFamous Sunset + Ocean Views: When it comes to your wedding locale, there are some amenities that cannot be installed, added, or otherwise supplemented. The view at Casa de Luz – this incredible, nearly 180º, sweeping Pacific view – is one of them.
  • Infinity-Edge Pool: Before, after, and even during your wedding, you’ll be able to spend your mornings, afternoons, and evenings by the pool. Hand in hand, watching the sunset envelop the sky…
  • Beachfront Pool Casita: It can be hard to carve alone time out of your destination wedding. That’s why we love this venue’s private, beachfront casita – a private nuptial retreat, separated from the main home.
  • Solar-Powered: One of the first homes in the region to install solar, Casa de Luz is a pioneer in eco-friendly, Mother Nature-powered events.
  • Daily Housekeeping & Breakfast Prep: We’ll keep your vacation home and event venue sparkling, throughout your stay! And we’ll even include daily breakfast prep.
  • Fast WiFi: Upload photos and livestream your event for friends and family who couldn’t make it to Costa Rica. Our fast fiber-optic internet has you covered! 

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Tip #2: Consider the Season

Tamarindo wedding bride groom kissing-min

In the land of year-round sun and sea, are there even seasons?

The answer is yes. Or, perhaps, YES. For emphasis.

Costa Rica has seasons. And, despite what you read, they’re more than just the binary dry vs. rainy season. In fact, there are four or five weather seasons and three wedding seasons. We know, it sounds complicated! It’s not.

As far as Costa Rica’s weather goes, there are:

  • Dry Season (December-April): Our season of no rain, perpetual sun, and cloudless blue skies, the dry season runs about half the year (especially here in Guanacaste, which is Costa Rica’s driest province).
  • Shoulder Season (May-June and November): A transition from dry to wet (May/June) and wet to dry (November), the shoulder season is marked by mostly sun with occasional showers.
  • Mini “Summer” (July): Costa Rica’s veranillo de San Juan, or San Juan summer, usually hits in early to mid-July (although sometimes later). For one or two weeks, the country sees glorious sunshine and little to no rain, before heading right back into the rainy season.
  • Rainy/Green Season (May-November): Notice that this season encompasses both the shoulder seasons and the mini-summer. That’s because Costa Rica’s green season is not a single defined season, but rather several months that see some sort of daily rain… unless they don’t.

While the country’s weather patterns don’t quite run like clockwork, Costa Rica’s wedding seasons are easier to define:

  • Wedding High Season (Christmas through Easter; July): The sunniest weather of the year corresponds both to the northern hemisphere’s wintery chill and to Costa Rica’s school holidays, making this the most desirable (and most expensive) season to host your wedding.
  • Wedding Mid-Season (post-Easter through June; November to mid-December): The transitional months between dry/rainy and then rainy/dry, this shoulder season is often spectacularly beautiful, with low(er) chances of rain but still lower prices.
  • Wedding Low Season (August through October): The rainiest months of the year bring the most vibrant scenery and the greenest greens, but they also mean that you’ll have to plan for rain. The upside: You’ll access great prices and have greater negotiating power with your vendors!

So, with all that said, we repeat: Consider the season! For most couples, it comes down to a balance between your schedules, your budget, and your priorities. Whatever your choice, Costa Rica wedding destinations and seasons can deliver a perfect pairing!

Costa Rica Wedding Destinations: Casa Costa Blanca

Hacienda Pinilla | 7 Beds | 7 Baths | 24 Guests

beachfront Costa Rica destinations for weddings and events

There are Costa Rica wedding destinations, and then there are Costa Rican beachfront wedding venues…

There are destinations and then, there are Destinations. We consider beachfront Casa Costa Blanca to be firmly one of the latter.

This oceanfront wedding venue easily accommodates 60-70 guests and has proven to be one of our most sought and beloved Costa Rica wedding destinations. In part, that’s because it belongs to a very elite, very select group: beachfront venues. Because in Costa Rica, beachfront and oceanfront aren’t easy to find. They’re not even challenging to find. They’re almost impossible to find.

And here, at Casa Costa Blanca, the beachfront is yours and yours alone – no strangers, no wanders, no gawkers. Just you and your new spouse, the Pacific, and up to 70 of your nearest and dearest. 

There’s a lot more to recommend Casa Costa Blanca, too. Here’s what our wedding couples most love: 

  • A True Oceanfront Venue: This is the oceanfront lifestyle, where you can relax on an ocean-view sofa or an ocean-view sun lounger, beneath your private ocean-view palapa, your signature wedding cocktail in hand. And you’re literal steps to the Pacific.
  • Oceanfront Pool & Hot Tub: It’s not just the sofa: At Casa Costa Blanca, [almost] everything is oceanfront! And that includes the giant infinity pool, expansive sun terrace, and bubbling Jacuzzi… all leading to a beach so secluded, it’s almost yours alone.
  • Ocean-view Bedrooms + Living Areas: Again, it’s all about location for your beachside wedding. And here, you’ll be happy to know that every guest common area – from the outdoor terraces to the indoor living room – opens onto Pacific views. What’s more, so does each of Casa Costa Blanca’s seven private bedrooms.
  • Dedicated Staff: Casa Costa Blanca’s dedicated gardening and cleaning staff you’re your venue pristine at all times, so your wedding celebrations will be picture perfect.
  • Two Kitchens: Even larger weddings have enough prep space, thanks to the home’s two kitchens. Your caterers can prepare a feast and you can rest easy knowing there will be seamless event preparations and execution.
  • Fast WiFi: Upload photos and livestream your event for friends and family who couldn’t make it to Costa Rica. Our fast fiber-optic internet has you covered!

What’s more, when you stay at Casa Costa Blanca, you’ll have access to the luxury amenities at Hacienda Pinilla, an exclusive and historic gated community. In addition to the Hacienda Pinilla Beach Club, with its beachfront pool, restaurant, and gym, you’ll also have access to the community’s immaculate beaches (Playa Avellanas, Playa Langosta, and Playa Mansita), a championship golf course, hiking and biking trails, tennis courts, an equestrian center, and more. 

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Tip #3: Pay Attention to Your Venue’s Fine Print

When we plan our wedding, it’s so easy to get wrapped up in the excitement and the joy and the wonder. Especially when you’re researching Costa Rica wedding destinations: They are as spectacular and photogenic as you’ve dreamed and you can’t wait to select your favorite.

Before you do, though, remember – while this is your wedding, it’s also a financial and contractual decision. So, before you fall in love with “the one,” make sure it is the one.

Let’s begin with the most general (and basic): When it comes to Costa Rica wedding destinations, not all beaches or waterfalls or luxury venues are created equal. For example, if your dream is to say “I do” barefoot on a deserted beach, then you won’t want to choose a public venue in a popular locale.

We know that sounds obvious but when you’re unfamiliar with a destination, then it can be difficult to determine whether it fits your vision and needs. Once you have a general idea of both, please get in touch. One of our experienced wedding specialists will help guide your general where – as in, what beaches or waterfalls or mountaintops or… meet your needs? – and can also provide direction on more precise wheres, including specific venues.

From there, it’s time to really read the fine print. For example, most venues have strict noise restrictions– often, as early as 10 p.m. Additionally, consider that some venues require venue buy-outs; some luxury vacation homes don’t allow events of any kind; some work only with specific vendors; and still others manage rules and restrictions that may not dovetail with your wedding vision.

So, before you fall in love with a destination, a venue, or even a specific vision, verify its possibilities.

Tip #4: Work with a Wedding Specialist / Coordinator / Planner

Costa Rica wedding planner handles details-min

Planning a wedding is no easy task. Planning a destination wedding? Well, that’s even more of a challenge! A beautiful, wonderful, exciting challenge.

Having an English-speaking, nuptials-focused local on your team is crucial. For some people, this means a full-on wedding planner who will arrange every detail on your behalf. For others, it’s a wedding coordinator who juggles some balls so you don’t have to.

For wedding couples and guests of Luxury Villas Costa Rica, it’s an expert wedding specialist who works closely with you, every step of the way. Think of your specialist as the hands-on, Type-A planner you’d be, if you only had the local connections, know-how, Spanish skills, and venue/provider access we do in Costa Rica.

Because a wedding specialist will do almost anything you required. We are wholly dedicated to you and your wedding vision, dream, and planning. We’re master planners and people-people – the kind of professionals who move mountains and get things done at your chosen venue.

Because that’s our real expertise: our luxury wedding venues, be it an ocean-view hilltop villa, a solar-powered luxury estate, or an architectural modern mansion. We’re here to make sure that every onsite detail is executed perfectly. We’ll coordinate with your coordinator, plan alongside your planner, and provide anything necessary to your providers.

We’ll also help get your guests accommodated. Literally! Whether you’re eloping and need a perfect honeymoon retreat or are planning a destination wedding with everyone you love, we’ll help secure accommodations for you and your guests: From private ocean-view properties comprised of secluded bungalows to a selection of luxury homes within the same community, we’ll work to accommodate all your guests in one general location.

Ready to Consider Your Costa Rica Wedding Destinations?

Life’s happiest moments are some of ours, too. We so love a wedding!

So please, get in touch. Whether you’re just starting out or have almost everything booked (except for your honeymoon accommodations), we’re happy to help you make your big day a Perfect Day. It’ll be our pleasure!