Playa Grande luxury vacation rentals in Costa Rica

Amidst the doldrums of winter, it can be hard to remember that spring is on the horizon. But it is. Your first clue: You’re already looking toward vacation. And that vacation may mean a Costa Rica spring break!

It’s a great decision. This year, spring break falls between mid-March and mid-April. For most U.S. school districts, dates fall around April 9-17, while most universities have scheduled spring break for March 5-13. That said, some schools and universities also offer a smattering of dates including March 12-20, March 19-27, and March 26-April 3. The lesson: Check your school and university calendars!

Whatever your dates, you’ll be delighted to know that this season offers some of the best weather in Costa Rica. The sun rises high, the sky is blue, the temperature is balmy, and the days are lengthening. You couldn’t pick a more flawless time to visit.

So, with “locate perfection” securely checked off your wish list, here are a few more tips to plan the best Costa Rica spring break you can:

Costa Rica Spring Break Tip #1: Don’t Overschedule Yourself

There are two kinds of people in the world: The ones who plan every detail and the ones who mostly wing it.

If you’re the former, we get it! We’re planners, too. But we urge you not to over-plan: Don’t fill your every day with back-to-back activities and attractions. And don’t underestimate Costa Rica driving times; 75 miles here can amount to half a day’s drive, depending on the terrain and road conditions!

And remember, our in-house concierge can help you plan the just-busy-enough (or just-unbusy-enough!) spring break!

Spring Break in Santa Teresa: Villa Nova

Santa Teresa | 7 Beds | 7 Baths | 18 Guests

Villa Nova Santa Teresa Costa Rica lodging

Just steps to white sands and Spring Break glory, Villa Nova is a spectacular new property in Santa Teresa, on the southern edge of Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula.

Here, surrounded by sun-kissed sands, great surf, and the kind of quiet serenity you don’t often find in a popular beach town, this home welcomes you to great waves and untouched nature. It’s a private oasis and your own slice of paradise, all rolled into a jungle home where you’ll relax in turquoise pools and be surrounded by lush gardens. You know – the very definition of paradise.

And if you think it can’t get any better than that, then let us introduce you to Villa Nova itself: six private suites with ensuite bathrooms, two gourmet kitchens, two living rooms, and one expansive outdoor rancho with BBQ, palm-thatched seating, and open-air dining. All this, surrounding the home’s two incredible saltwater pools – resort-like surrounds, including shallow areas for kids and lounging.

If only Costa Rica and Santa Teresa weren’t so beautiful themselves, you might be tempted to spend all of Spring Break right here, at Villa Nova! 

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Costa Rica Spring Break Tip #2: Pack Wisely

If you’re doing checked baggage, bring all the necessities, from lots of bathing suits to plenty of sunblock. But, if you’re taking the carryon-only strategy, then go ahead and pack lighter. You can find most of the necessities, like shampoo and sunblock, in any beach town (although they’ll be pricier than you’re used to). So, consider how you pack and plan for the least amount of frustration, accordingly.

Costa Rica Spring Break Tip #3: Choose a Luxury Vacation Home

Whether you’re taking advantage of your young kids’ school spring break or are simply embracing the spirit of Spring Breaks past with family and friends, a private vacation home can not only keep your costs down but deliver incredible privacy and spectacular amenities you won’t find at hotels.

Consider that in Costa Rica, luxury hotels can easily run $750-$1,000+ per room for a single room. A luxury vacation home, on the other hand, usually runs $400-$750 per room per night, for a spectacular property (often staffed) that amounts to an entire private resort. The value is clear.

Spring Break in a Wildlife Sanctuary: Villa Brisa del Mar

Playa Grande | 5 Beds | 4 Baths | 10 Guests

Villa Brisa del Mar on Playa Grande Costa Rica

Can you imagine spending Spring Break within a wildlife sanctuary? You can do just that at Villa Brisa del Mar, your own private nature reserve bordering a national park and one of the world’s most important turtle nesting habitats. Yes, dreams do come true!

The last house on the beach and wonderfully quiet, Villa Brisa del Mar (“Sea Breeze Villa”) pairs a private pool with possible turtle sightings and an ocean-view patio with swooping pelicans, gulls, and other sea birds. Grab a cold drink and just sit out here. Enjoy this incomparable slice of life – and of the world – and luxuriate in the unique offerings of a nature-based Costa Rica spring break.

Because this villa is one of the area’s original beach bungalows, now updated, it offers a perfect pairing of Costa Rican charms of old with the modern aesthetics of today. We’re talking a chef-ready kitchen, a spectacular master suite, and recently redesigned interiors, complemented by incredible views, a touch of seclusion, and iguanas as your neighbors. 

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Costa Rica Spring Break Tip #4: Stay in Touchzip lining tour in Tamarindo Costa Rica

Spring break often means that your group is scattered here, there, everywhere – some kayaking into the Pacific, others flying high on a canopy tour, and still others relaxing with in-home luxury spa treatments.

Before you travel, install a data-based messaging app (like WhatsApp, extremely widespread in Costa Rica) and a Find My Friends-type app. And when you’re here, be sure to write down directions to your rental home (in case you need a taxi) and to pin the property in Waze or Google Maps (the most common GPS apps in Costa Rica).

Costa Rica Spring Break Tip #5: Choose Your Destination & Activities Wisely

It’s 2022 and a COVID-safe Spring Break is completely doable, but that doesn’t mean you can skip precautions. In fact, those precautions are key; they’re how you stay COVID safe.

It begins with your destination because not all are created equal. Since you’re here, we’ll assume you’re either considering or have decided on a Costa Rica spring break, and in that case, you’re golden: Not only does Costa Rica continue to do well with COVID-safe protocols, but the country is perfect for all things outdoors.

Get out in the sun and into the fresh air. Go to the beach. Book an ATV tour. Go zip-lining. Take a hike. Do all the things because it’s been proven that outdoor activities are much safer than their indoor counterparts. Luckily, all our activities are outdoors! (And when you’re indoors, in your own private vacation rental, you’ll be with just your social bubble.)

Spring Break in Tamarindo: Villa Royal

Tamarindo | 4 Beds | 4 Baths | 9 Guests

Villa Royal Tamarindo vacation rental for Costa Rica spring break 2022

When think “wow,” you’re probably envision a destination like Villa Royal: Overlooking some of the best views in Costa Rica, this luxury home promises to steal your heart and your breath. Because this is what just paradise looks like – its roof thatched, the pool sparkling, and the Pacific Ocean stretching as far as the eye can see.

Welcome to a home built for royalty, with chic luxury bedroom suites, folding glass doors that embody and empower indoor/outdoor living, and thoroughly modern-tropical design. Here is where warm woods kiss beachy color palettes and a private infinity pool seemingly pours into ocean-jungle vistas. And, have we mentioned the sunsets? The glorious, set-the-sky-ablaze, paint-the-heavens-fluorescent sunsets

All this, inside an exclusive gated community just minutes to downtown Tamarindo and soft sands. To nightlife and restaurants. To tours and activities. To mangroves and Las Baulas National Marine Park. To everything you have dreamed for your Costa Rica spring break. Welcome!

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Plan Your Perfect Costa Rica Spring Break

For a country smaller than West Virginia, Costa Rica is vast. Its promises are many, its wonders expansive, and its to-do lists long. So really, it begins with you: What do you want to see and do on Spring Break? Where do you want to go?

At Luxury Villas Costa Rica, we have two specialties: homes at and on the best beaches in Guanacaste, and you. Yes, you. Because a great vacation is rooted in heart – in what you hope to get out of your travels. So please, tell us why you’ve chosen Costa Rica. If you don’t know exactly where you want to go, even if you haven’t whittled down your wish list, we can help. We love to help.

So please, peruse our Costa Rica destinations. Dream a little (and a lot). And then, get in touch! We look forward to it.