If you’ve ever been completely mired in a rut, or felt stressed beyond your breaking point, or noticed that you’re low energy (and in even lower spirits), then you might also be looking into Costa Rica spiritual retreats, plant medicine, ayahuasca, and other options to nourish mind, body, and soul.

Welcome to your chance to relax, rejuvenate, and reboot your spirit, combined with travel to one of the world’s most beautiful and biodiverse destinations. For here, amidst powerful mountains and pristine beaches, smoking volcanoes and rushing rivers, Costa Rica creates the kind of tranquil backdrops and soothing soundscapes that soothe harried souls – rainforest birdsong, crashing surf, pitter-pattering rain, and all the rest – only here, you’ll experience them in person.

More than that, Costa Rica has a long history and heritage with traditional healing, plant medicine, and spiritual well-being that you and your retreat guide can draw on. Welcome to the cradle of it all! Of course, finding the right focus – and exact destination – is part of the excitement, process, and challenge. That’s where we come in. Inner peace, right this way!

Costa Rica Spiritual Retreats, Plant Medicine & Ayahuasca

Costa Rica spiritual retreats

The wonderful (although sometimes overwhelming) reality is that there are many options for Costa Rica plant medicine, spiritual retreats, ayahuasca, yoga, and other wellness-focused travel.

They take place in all corners of the country, although you’ll find that many are centered either in the North Pacific (Nosara, Tamarindo, Malpais/Santa Teresa) or the Caribbean (Cahuita and Puerto Viejo). You’ll also find that each has its own particular focus, whether it’s a dedicated yoga retreat, an ayahuasca journey, a meditation dedication, an exploration of plant medicine, or a more generalized Costa Rica spiritual retreat, complete with activities like forest bathing, SUP yoga, and other mind-body-spirit activities.

So, let’s talk about a few of your options:

Yoga Retreats

Costa Rica yoga retreats

The OG of Costa Rica spiritual retreats, yoga retreats are dedicated to movement as a vehicle to harmonize your body and spirit. You’ll often find that any given retreat focuses on a specific type of yoga – or, perhaps, a few different types – and caters either to yogis of any level or yogis of a specific level. In other words, yoga retreats are so popular here, you’re guaranteed to find one perfect for you!

Additionally, most yoga-based spiritual retreats add a variety of complementary services and activities, from clean eating to nature-based activities, including SUP (stand-up paddle boarding) yoga to meditative hiking. The uniting idea: connect your mind and body to pursue holistic wellbeing.

Mindfulness Retreats

Like yoga, mindfulness retreats often seek wellbeing via a more connected mind and body. The difference is that these retreats seek that connection through more than yoga (although, often, they do include optional yoga practice!).

These Costa Rica spiritual retreats seek calm and tranquility in body, in order to inspire balanced calm and tranquility of mind. To this end, they’ll typically eschew adrenaline in favor of more mindful (but of course!) activities, from meditation and daily journaling to forest bathing and waterfall swims.

Plant Medicine & Ayahuasca

Easily the fastest-growing niche in Costa Rica spiritual retreats, plant medicine and ayahuasca invite attendees to indulge in Costa Rica’s abundant biodiversity and peaceful atmosphere in one of the oldest ways on earth: through a direct connection to Mother Earth.

Plant medicine is a fairly broad term, rooted in traditional medicine and ancient remedies for very modern problems. Specifically, Costa Rica plant medicine draws on centuries of knowledge, typically focused at local farms and gardens that specialize in the topic.

Ayahuasca is a much more focused pursuit, dedicated solely to the infusion derived from a vine called Banisteriopsis caapi (caapi, soul vine, or yagé), blended with the leaves of Psychotria viridis (chacruna, chacrona, or chaqruy). The result is an incredibly potent brew known to induce intense visions and believed by many to promote introspection, psychological growth, and emotional healing.

Note that ayahuasca is not a simple commitment and should only be entered into after research, consideration, and a consult with your PCP. Embrace the potent and transformative powers of plant medicine!

Nature & Spiritual Retreats

Llanos de Cortes Waterfall Costa Rica 16 9

Lose yourself to nature. Maybe even swim beneath a waterfall!

Finally, there are the more generalized Costa Rica spiritual retreats that we mentioned. These are perfect for first-time retreat-goers, the undecided, or anyone who simply wants a more well-rounded approach to their wellness retreat.

If you decide on a spiritual retreat, you can expect a combination of many of our above activities – exclusive of plant medicine, typically. That means everything from yoga, mindful hiking, and meditation to forest bathing, journaling, and waterfalls.

Where to Stay: Luxury Homes Ideal for Costa Rica Spiritual Retreats

Whether you’re planning Costa Rica spiritual retreats you’ll host yourself or a more DIY approach to your getaway, it’s completely possible to plan and enjoy a completely custom retreat.

This is where we come in, specifically. Our extremely knowledgeable concierge is on hand to help you plan every detail, whether it’s sunrise yoga and in-house spa treatments or nature hikes and a private chef to prepare clean, gourmet meals. Let us know and we’ll make it happen!

El Chante

Tamarindo | 8 Beds | 8.5 Baths | 19 Guests

ocean-view pool at El Chante-min

Chante is the kind of place that proves you can have it all for Costa Rica spiritual retreats: resort amenities and ocean viewsexpansive social areas and sustainable living. And, of course, privacy. And by that, we mean privacy even beyond what you’d expect of a vacation rental.

That’s because El Chante is not just one vacation home, but nine. Welcome to nine private bungalows and individual guest suites, where you and 18 of your favorite people can retreat to your own slice of privacy ­– open-aireco-friendly bungalows with ensuite bathrooms and private porches – and then reunite for meals, open-air living, a shaded private pool, and drinks and meals overlooking Pacific Ocean views.

When El Chante invites you to have it all, you can say yes.

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Casa Costa Blanca 

Hacienda Pinilla | 7 Beds | 7 Baths | 24 Guests

Casa Costa Blanca - Costa Rica luxury vacation villas-min

Step out of time and place, and into the dream world of Casa Costa Blanca, one of Costa Rica’s largest beachfront homes. One of Costa Rica’s most luxurious homes. And, soon, one of your favorite homes. Ever.

Your time here revolves around Casa Costa Blanca’s brand new, oversized custom infinity pool and hot tub. A true delight and a celebration of the tropical outdoors, this luxury home beckons you outdoors – out to a full outdoor kitchen and shaded dining, sun-drenched loungers and a sparkling pool. All, steps to sand. Steps to the sea. What were we saying about sunrise yoga?

All this, private. All this, yours. Welcome to your dream world.

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Casa de Luz

Playa Langosta | 8 Beds | 7 Baths | 24 Guests

Casa de Luz in Tamarindo

When you’re traveling with a group (or even a hoard!) of your nearest and dearest, then you’ll have your eye on Casa de Luz, the grandest beachfront for miles– and its own, self-contained boutique resort.

Set along the Millionaire Mile of Playa Langosta, Casa de Luz comprises a main villa and two independent courtyard casitas, surrounded by lush gardens, a private pool, and the world’s best front yard: crashing waves, soft sand, and a warm Pacific Ocean. And that’ll undoubtedly be the focus of your vacation and celebration, which sprawl over ample outdoor gathering spaces.

Unique streak: A cut above the rest, Casa de Luz is one of the Tamarindo area’s only solar-powered homes. It’s not just that, though: The home uses Costa Rica’s top-of-the line biodegradable cleaning and hygiene products (great for sensitive skin, by the way!) and the pool/laundry’s ozone sanitation systems reduce by 90% the need for chlorine and cleaning products.

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Want Help in Planning Costa Rica Spiritual Retreats?

When you reserve one of our luxury villas in Costa Rica, you’re booking more than just a spectacular home; your reservation also includes full retreat planning and concierge services.

So, what does that mean? Well, when you make your reservation, our skilled in-house concierge will get in touch. She is an expert in all things Costa Rica and her job is to get to know you that well, too. Share your desires and preferences, peruse our recommendations, and start building your must-haves, can’t-miss lists.

Our concierge will tailor your retreat to your specific needs and interests. From the little details – airport pickup and a private chef – to all your activities and transportation, our concierge services are absolutely and always free for our guests. You dream, we take care of the details.

Please get in touch for more information about our Costa Rica luxury vacation villas and our concierge services.