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Imagine drinking your morning coffee (or evening cocktail) overlooking the Pacific… It’s an everyday reality, when you stay at our top Costa Rica homes for rent

The term “holidays” can conjure up so many images – everything from tinsel and menorahs to beaches and fireworks. Not to mention, plates piled high and months of giddy anticipation…  

Because, whether your vocabulary tends more toward holiday-is-a-synonym-for-vacation or holiday-is-an-annual-celebration, there’s one thing we can all agree on: When a holiday (of any variety) is at its absolute best, there’s nothing better! And there’s nowhere better than Costa Rica.

Holidays are laughter and memories, traditions and special treats. They’re the kind of recollection that cozies up to our hearts, keeping us warm through the darkest of times. And we know you’ve been looking forward to your next, for far too long.

You may be staring down spring break and your kids may be eyeing summer vacation. You almost have lots of saved-up PTO and you’re definitely looking to release a year’s worth of cabin fever. So, whether you’re planning a vacation-holiday or your next celebration-holiday, here’s a thought –

Costa Rica could be perfect for your 2021 holidays.

A Very Costa Rican Holiday: Safe for your 2021 Vacation

Tamarindo sunset surfing

You are here. In paradise. Doing everything you’ve wanted to do for the last year (and longer).

Everyone deserves something to celebrate: A fresh new year. Continued health. Unbridled love. A favorite tradition. A new job. A perfect view.

… Anything that makes you want to tilt your head back, throw your arms out, and spin with abandon, as if you were in The Sound of Music. We all deserve that kind of joy, especially now. We have all earned something to celebrate, something to anticipate, something to delight in.

Costa Rica is just the ticket for 2021: Most airlines have resumed flights (many direct flights, from major cities throughout the U.S. and Europe), our borders are open, and our health protocols are stringent.

Everyone is wearing masks. Businesses are deep-cleaning – often. Restaurants scrub down their tables between every diner. Physical distancing is enforced. Bottom line: When you’re not out enjoying the great outdoors, Costa Rica will work hard to keep you safe.

Outward Bound: 8 Reasons to Choose Costa Rica in 2021

surfing in Tamarindo

Surf lessons in Tamarindo: Photo by Leonardo Pinero

Ah, Costa Rica –

Beaches to be combed, trails to explore, and discounts to be had. Because Costa Rica is warm, safe, and mostly almost always outdoors: When you’re here, you’re not locked away in the heat or air-conditioning; you’re out in the Pacific, surfing from sunrise to sunset. You’re fishing for your dinner. You’re hiking into the dry forest, the cloud forest, the rain forest. You’re seeking out rivers and rappelling down waterfalls. You’re sailing to secret snorkeling spots and spending hours discovering new beaches.

You about to do everything you’ve dreamed of doing, for many long, lonely and now, cold months. 

1. Surfing

There’s nothing more Tamarindo – or better, after a year of being stuck inside – than paddling out on your surfboard and catching the next, greatest wave. With surf ideally suited to everyone from beginner to pro, greater Tamarindo is ideally suited to the entire family. And hey – not up for surfing? Try your hand (or paddle) at SUP!

2. Sailing

From morning snorkeling sails to afternoon sunset sails, Tamarindo’s sailing excursions are a perfect holiday treat. Just imagine – you’re lounging on the catamaran hammock, or diving down to get a closer look at a shark, or lounging on a deserted beach… this is the draw of area sailing tours!

3. Hiking

Costa Rica is famous for its conservation efforts. Did you know that more than one-quarter of our land area is protected within national parks, wildlife refuges, and preserves? So, get out and explore! From Las Baulas National Marine Park to the Tamarindo Wildlife Refuge, hiking is one of our favorite ways to explore Costa Rica’s great outdoors. 

4. Kayaking

It’s like hiking on water! If you’re aching to stretch your limbs and see some wildlife in the process, then we challenge you to grab a kayak and and start exploring Tamarindo’s mangroves. From waterbirds (hey there, herons!) to lazy crocs, you’ll experience a whole new side of our wild town.

5. Adventure

Our in-house concierge can arrange almost any adventure – from the relatively tame to the downright heart-pounding. We’re talking canopy ziplines and volcano hikes, waterfall rappelling and serious sportfishing. Tell us your favorite form of adrenaline, and we’ll get you booked. Private tours available! 

6. Breathe

Between all the activity and joy of finally – finally! – being on vacation, it’s easy to get caught up in the fun and forget to relax. After all, you’ve been “relaxing” for the last year – right? Well… no. Relaxation in Costa Rica is so different from anywhere else: It’s lounging in your private pool. It’s swinging in a hammock. It’s lingering over a frozen fruit drink. It’s reading a book in an afternoon. It’s all those things that remind you of why you love vacation so much. So, don’t forget to do a little of that, too.

Costa Rica 2021: Your Own Private Resort?

private chef services in Tamarindo Costa Rica

You may not want to go to a resort, but we can bring the resort to you!

This year may not be right for resort travel but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the resort to you:

  • A Private Chef: You may not want to eat out for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but that doesn’t mean you have to cook your vacation away. (Although you will have your own kitchen, if you’re into that!) We’re happy to help you arrange a private chef in your vacation rental – for breakfast, lunch and dinner, if you’d like. Of course, your private chef will be fully masked and follow all protocols.
  • Private Yoga Classes: Downward dog, anyone? Whether you’d just like someone to lead you into your ocean-view yoga practice or want to book a yoga instructor for every day you’re in town, we’ll help you find focus on the mat.
  • Massage & Spa Services: There are few things more luxurious than a massage (or mani/pedi, or… ) in the privacy of your own home. We’re happy to schedule any services you’d like, in the luxury of your private rental home.

Holiday in Paradise: 4 Costa Rica Homes for Rent

And, consider this: There are also some pretty incredible Costa Rica homes for rent – some once-in-a-lifetime deals on vacation rentals that normally book out months, if not years in advance.

So, whether you’re looking to the kids’ summer vacations or have your eye on a tropical Christmas in Costa Rica, we are rising to the challenge. Beginning with four of our favorite, we-can’t-believe-they-still-have-2021-availability! homes:

At Luxury Villas Costa Rica, upscale vacation homes are our job. Call us biased, but we know how to pick ‘em! And today, we’ve chosen to highlight four very different, all incredible Costa Rica homes for rent.

As always, we are committed to avoiding the spread of COVID 19 by implementing specialized cleaning procedures. Feel free to inquire about a deep sanitation cleaning service.

And, if you want to make it an extended stay (or if you just need to check in with the office), know that our homes come equipped with 100 Mbps internet, often with battery backups (modem and router) and portable wireless routers, if required.

Casa Ventana

Tamarindo | 5 Beds | 5.5 Baths | 12 Guests

Casa Ventana swimming pool with ocean views-min

When it comes to a holiday in Costa Rica, we can think of no better place to spend it than at one of our upscale, just-for-you Casa Ventana

Perched on a hillside and overlooking the Pacific, Casa Ventana will restore your soul with Vitamin Sea: a private pool, daily breakfast prep, and sparkling panoramas of the jungle, estuary, and ocean horizons.

And did we mention? Casa Ventana is walking distance to the beach.

From here, you’re minutes to all that Tamarindo and the Pacific have on offer: surfing and sailing, fishing and kayaking, SUP and snorkeling. Spend your holiday doing everything – or nothing at all. We won’t judge. After all, that’s exactly what a private pool, ocean view, and sun loungers are for.

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Casa Hamacas

Hacienda Pinilla | 6 Beds | 6 Baths | 17 Guests

Casa Hamacas Hacienda Pinilla Costa Rica homes for rent

Spend your mornings, afternoons and nights lounging here, in your private pool and palm-thatched outdoor living room.

Imagine, if you will, a home built for the sole purpose of relaxation…

We’re guessing it would look a lot like Casa Hamacas. The focal point of this incredible villa is its private pool and oversized thatched-roof rancho (a palm-covered tropical outdoor living area), outfitted with lounge furniture and outdoor dining accouterments. You have only go inside to sleep. And that’s only if you want to… (Although you really should; Casa Hamacas is one of our most luxurious Costa Rica homes for rent!)

Located within the private community of Hacienda Pinilla, this rental also grants you access to some of the Tamarindo area’s most exclusive amenities: three miles of pristine coastline, an 18-hole golf course, walking and biking trails, the beachfront Hacienda Beach Club, and gourmet dining.

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Casa Leo Loco

Tamarindo | 6 Beds | 4 Baths | 12 Guests

Casa Leo Loco with private ocean-view swimming pool-min

There’s something truly special about lounging in your own, private pool or hot tub, with just the view as company.

Breathtaking Tamarindo Bay and ocean views, lush gardens, a multi-level infinity pool ­– what more could you ask from one of our top Costa Rica homes for rent?

Well, if the home is question is Casa Leo Loco, you could also request (and receive) eco-friendly design, expansive terraces, locally sourced hardwoods, and generously proportioned glass doors – everything you need for indoor/outdoor living in the tropics.

And then, there are those striking panoramas: Overlooking the Pacific and so close, you can almost hear the waves crashing you need only look out you window to check for the day’s surf conditions. Don’t even get us started on the sunsets!

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Puesta del Sol

Tamarindo | 6 Beds | 6 Baths | 16 Guests

Puesta del Sol Tamarindo oceanview Costa Rica homes for rent

This is why you’re here. This is what it’s all about. Welcome!

Have you ever had the experience of feeling truly one with nature? It’s the kind of feeling that rolls over and through your whole body – a surety, a lightness, a sense of knowing that all is exactly as it should be.

That’s what it feels like to walk into Puesta del Sol and step out onto its Pacific-view terrace for the first time. Sit down by your private pool. Grab the drink of your choice. And let the sea breeze and sunlight wash over. Wait, just a little while. Hear the call of sea birds and the language of the trees. Listen for distant howler monkeys or squawking parrots.

And, as the sun drops, watch as Puesta del Sol earns its name (Sunset House): From here, on your exclusive perch, you’ll have a poolside seat to Costa Rica’s most spectacular sunset – a kaleidoscope, a watercolor, a color wheel, all at once. This is why you’re here.

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Looking for other Costa Rica homes for rent?

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