Hacienda Pinilla Beach Club

One of our top Costa Rica destinations, Hacienda Pinilla is home to 4,500 acres of luxury, pristine golf course, walking and biking trails, and an oceanfront Beach Club

When you think about booking a last-minute vacation, what do you feel? Whether you’re the type of traveler who’s eager to make the leap or the type-A vacationer who can’t fathom not having time to plan every detail, last-minute travel is for you. And you! And you! Last-minute travel for everyone!

Joke aside, we’re serious. Our top Costa Rica destinations are for everyone and every type of traveler. Even – nay, especially – if you want to arrive as soon as tomorrow.

Why Book a Last-Minute Vacation?

You may know why you think you want to book a last-minute vacation to one of our top Costa Rica destinations – and you’re right. Those are all good reasons. But, we have a few more we’d like to share. Because we’re big proponents of last-minute travel. … Of sun on your face and sand beneath your toes. Tomorrow. Or even today. You know – the closest minute possible to right now.

Here are some of our favorite reasons to book a getaway for today, this weekend, this month:

  • Great Deals: We’ll start with the most obvious why: cost. Not always, but often – a last-minute deal is a great deal. Discounts are often available, especially if you’re looking for a long weekend or a longer stay. And who wouldn’t want a deal on one of the top Costa Rica destinations?
  • Instant Gratification: This isn’t quite as tangible as the other reasons on our list, but it’s one of the most pertinent: Last-minute travel feeds your travel bug and satiates your wanderlust. You can decide you need a vacation today and be there tomorrow. Or even today, if you’re local!
  • Lower Stress: Believe it or not, a last-minute getaway can be lower stress than its pre-planned counterpart. That’s because you don’t have time to stress the small stuff. Or even the big stuff, in some cases. The magic is in imagining, reserving, and then going – between now and then, you’ll only have time to pack. (In the meantime, we can be booking your wishlist. Read on!)
  • It’s Challenging: But the good kind of challenging – as in, it challenges you to step outside your comfort zone, test your limits, and do something exciting. Whether you’re signed up for your first-ever surf lessons or just want to practice spontaneity, last-minute travel has a way of challenging your mind, your emotions, and your body.
  • It’s GOING to Happen: If 2020 taught us anything, it was something along the lines of not depending on even the most dependable. Schools? Closed. The office? Now, your kitchen table. Every plan you made for the year? Poof! You crave absolute certainty and last-minute travel is almost certain to deliver. There’s just not enough time for surprises to crop up.

There may be many other reasons why you’ll love last-minute travel. Because they’re very personal. So really, the only question is – how and where?

Tips for Booking Last-Minute Travel in Costa Rica

Costa Rica beautiful scenery

You could be here. As soon as today. Do you need any more reason to book last-minute travel?

You know how we said that last-minute travel is lower stress? Well, the big reason for that is that you don’t have time to over-plan. And that means, you really shouldn’t need that many tips: The point is that you just go.

So, go! But, before you do, here are a few of our just-the-basics tips. So you can rest easy, even if today is the night before your trip.

  • Travel with Carry-Ons: If you’re not local to our Costa Rica destinations, then your trip will probably involve an airplane or two. Do yourself a favor and keep your packing light, so you don’t have to worry about lost luggage interfering with your should-have-been-carefree getaway. And anyway, you can fit several swimsuits in a carry-on.
  • Book Direct: When you’re looking for a great deal on a last-minute vacation home rental, then you’ll always get a better deal when you contact us directly.
  • Talk to our Concierge Cris: Our concierge, Cris, is a local expert. And by expert, we mean that she knows everything about everything. While you’re in the air or driving in, she can book your entire everything – from a sunset sail and private chef, to in-home massages and sport fishing – at no added cost to you.
  • Be Open: One of the best tips related to last-minute travel is not about what you do or do not do, but more about your attitude: Keep an open mind. Be flexible. Allow for a little bit of serendipity. Hopefully, the result will be a much welcome surprise.
  • And, If You’re an International Visitor – Have Us Book Your COVID Test: Here’s one bit that can’t be put off. If you’re an international traveler from the U.S., Canada, Europe, and many other countries, you’ll likely need a COVID test before you fly home. When you book your vacation home, please ask us to also make appointments for your COVID test.

Pick Me! 3 North Pacific, Costa Rica Destinations You’ll Love

You can go to so many places in the world right now: So, why choose one of these Costa Rica destinations? To be frank, because we think they’ll soon be your favorite destinations, too. They’re that spectacular.

Tamarindo & Playa Langosta

Tamarindo is not just one of our favorites, but one of the world’s favorite Costa Rica destinations: Known for epic surf, this largest “city” – and that is a very, very relative term, when it comes to our one-mile-long sandy main street – on Costa Rica’s Gold Coast is a powerhouse of incredible restaurants, eclectic nightlife, diverse shopping and, most importantly, spectacular scenery that hosts an incredible variety of things to do.

Once a funky fishing town, Tamarindo has matured (a bit) into a town that lives by a motto of “surf, eat, and have fun”. You’ll love our jaw-dropping sunsets and world-renowned surf, rare dry forest and record-making sport fishing.

Want to know more? Check out our Tamarindo travel guide.

Stay Here: El Chante

8 Beds | 8.5 Baths | 19 Guests
ocean-view pool at El Chante-min

Oceanview and sparing no amenity, El Chante is a perfect choice for last-minute luxury.

El Chante is the kind of place that proves you can have it all: resort amenities and ocean views, expansive social areas and sustainable living. And, of course, privacy. And by that, we mean privacy even beyond what you’d expect of a vacation rental.

That’s because El Chante is not just one vacation home, but nine. Welcome to nine private bungalows and individual guest suites, where you and 18 of your favorite people can retreat to your own slice of privacy ­– open-air, eco-friendly bungalows with ensuite bathrooms and private porches – and then reunite for meals, open-air living, a shaded private pool, and drinks and meals overlooking Pacific Ocean views.

When El Chante invites you to have it all, you can say yes.

Hacienda Pinilla

Just four miles from downtown Tamarindo, Hacienda Pinilla unfolds over some of Costa Rica’s most spectacular and exclusive real estate. This private resort community was built on 4,500 acres of historic ranch land and borders three pristine beaches – the confluence of natural beauty, adventure, and Costa Rican heritage, in one unforgettable vacation.

Hacienda Pinilla is also spectacularly well-equipped: In addition to its incredible homes and beaches, the community offers guests access to a luxury beach club, spa, swimming pools, horse stables, hiking and mountain biking trails, tennis courts, and Costa Rica’s premier golf course. In other words, this is one of those rare, all-in-one, everything-your-heart-desires Costa Rica destinations that have your heart, from the moment you arrive.

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Stay Here: Casa Serena

5 Beds | 5 Baths | 10 Guests
Casa Serena Hacienda Pinilla Costa Rica

Infuse luxury and exclusivity into one of your now-favorite Costa Rica destinations, at Casa Serena

Where no luxury is spared, Casa Serena fulfills your every last-minute dream. It begins the moment arrive: This beachfront mansion welcomes you to walk into luxury via a bridge and koi pond. Follow your feet into a majestic great room, where your eyes are drawn to both a magnificent spiral staircase and jaw-dropping Pacific views.

Labyrinthine interiors criss-cross through Casa Serena, weaving through the luxuries, amenities, and comforts that fulfill even unspoken hopes: a custom infinity pool, surrounded by a sprawling terrace and a striking shade tree; a chef-ready kitchen, prepped for everything from morning coffee to gourmet meals; and four independent bedroom suites, so no one pulls the short straw. And then, of course, there’s the ocean views and short walk to the sand – the reasons you’re here, in one of our favorite, most convenient Costa Rica destinations.

Playa Flamingo

A crescent-shaped, mile-long strip of sand, Playa Flamingo is the Costa Rica you’d expect to be Photoshopped and plastered onto a postcard. And yet, it’s neither Photoshopped nor a postcard: This is real life.

Here, shade-lined, pristine beaches hug turquoise water so clear, you can actually count the spots on the spotted rays that love to make their home here. Add to that a convenient location, one of the country’s largest marinas, world-renowned sport fishing, and truly jaw-dropping scenery, and you have a recipe for one of the best-kept secrets in Costa Rica destinations.

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Stay Here: Flamingo Blu

5 Beds | 6 Baths | 10 Guests
Flamingo Blu oceanfront top Costa Rica destinations

Flamingo Blu is one of the most luxurious vacation homes, in one of the most hidden-gem Costa Rica destinations

If privacy and seclusion top your shortlist of must-have amenities, then Flamingo Blu should be on your last-minute vacation shortlist. Perched on a scenic hillside that sweeps down to Flamingo Beach, this spectacular rental is not just a home: It’s a work of art.

Exquisite in every detail, Flamingo Blue radiates outward from an inner courtyard to ocean breezes, abundant natural light, and open-air living. The home is custom built to account for every detail – from arcing decks and a showcase infinity pool and sun deck, to beamed ceilings and custom windows that trace the sun’s path from east to west. And then, there’s that sunset – a sunset that feels like it’s all yours, every day you’re here.

Looking for other last-minute availability in our top Costa Rica destinations?

Haven’t found quite what you’re looking for? Please contact us and we’ll help you find the perfect last-minute rental, ideally suited to your needs.