Costa Rica, one of the most biodiverse and statistically one of the happiest countries on Earth, is a tropical paradise of rivers, oceans, mountain top panoramas, and exotic flora and fauna.  Whether your dream luxury vacation puts your toes in the sand, hides you in the lush foliage of the rainforest, or provides you with endless options for dining and entertainment, Costa Rica is going to exceed your expectations!

luxury vacation rentals in Costa Rica

Ocean-luxury vacation rental in Costa Rica

Our Luxury Vacation Rentals of Costa Rica are Outstanding

Costa Rica is a leader in international luxury vacation experiences.  Our luxury vacation rentals in Costa Rica are ready to host your next luxury vacation in the ease of tropical style.  These luxury vacation rentals are top-of-the-line luxury villas equipped with every amenity you require and prepared for your visit with white-glove excellence.  Our properties, which range in size from intimate spaces for couples or small families to breathtaking mansions or mini-resorts with independent bungalows, are located throughout all of Costa Rica.  This flexibility allows you to choose the style of vacation you want in the climate that most suits your comfort.  Many discerning guests prefer the privacy that a secluded vacation rental offers, while others search for a true luxury vacation in a vibrant spot within the liveliness of the local culture.  Your next luxury vacation in Costa Rica offers you all of these possibilities and more.


luxury vacation rentals in Costa Rica

Enjoy a private bungalow

Costa Rica’s luxury vacation rentals come with a five-star concierge service that excels in offering you exactly what you are looking for.  Private transfers or rental vehicles?  In-home luxury services like a chef or catering, massage and other spa menu items, yoga or other wholeness programs, or childcare?  The concierge will prepare the service for your arrival.  Our concierge specializes in tours and activities, recommending only top-quality experiences, and is readily available to answer questions both as you make your reservation and during your stay in Costa Rica.


Costa Rica Is An Easy Flight

The quality of our luxury vacation rentals in Costa Rica is not the only reason that your next luxury vacation should be in Costa Rica!  Another reason to put Costa Rica at the top of your list is convenience.  You could take a luxury vacation in France or in Bali, but if the same level of luxury is available without three days of jet lag on either end of the trip, that’s something to take seriously!  Rest and relaxation are an integral part of any luxury vacation, but having your days and nights reversed is entirely different.  Costa Rica is a short flight from the USA, and our two international airports are served by dozens of carriers that will drop you off exactly where our drivers will be waiting to pick you up.


Photo by Anders Wideskott


Make it easy on yourself.  Luxury should be easy, not complicated.  In Costa Rica, a large percentage of the population speaks some amount of English, with the tour industry being founded entirely on English and the US dollar.  Never mind exchange rates and phrasebooks — Costa Rica is ready for you right now, just as you are.  Spend your money on your vacation, not on airfare!

Costa Rica is Safe and Politically Stable 

Costa Rica, unlike most other countries in the region, has a unique political history of peace and stability.  It is for this reason that investors have seen Costa Rica as a good country to develop things like the luxury vacation rental properties that you are going to enjoy.  It is also for this reason that we invite you, wholeheartedly, to experience Costa Rica on your next luxury vacation.


Breakfast is served.


After a brief civil war in 1948, Costa Rica made the uncommon decision to disband its army.  Costa Rica’s leaders determined that a country with the small size and limited resources of Costa Rica would do better to invest its energies in the police force and in health and education programs rather than maintaining armed forces.  Indeed, half a century later, Costa Rica’s health services and education level exceed those of its neighbors, contributing to its reputation as one of the happiest countries on Earth.

You can drink the tap water here, you can walk on the streets after dark, and the police are not going to try to shake you down.  The world is full of exciting and beautiful places you really shouldn’t go for your own good–but Costa Rica is not one of them!

The Climate is Perfect

Photo property of La Carolina Lodge


Costa Rica has the perfect climate, and your next luxury vacation needs to be perfect.  We make this claim about the perfect climate fully aware that not everyone agrees on what the perfect climate is, but don’t worry–unless you are looking for snow, Costa Rica has the climate for you.

If that’s a tough decision to make, or if your traveling group has diverse tastes and interests, join the trend that describes most of Costa Rica’s visitors, and divide your days between a variety of spots.  You won’t have to compromise the quality of your luxury vacation to move from place to place.  Our concierge will set up the transportation you require, whether you hire a driver, explore on your own, or travel by air, and you can enjoy luxury accommodations at the coast as well as on top of the mountains.

Photo by Simon Matzinger

Costa Rica is only a few degrees north of the equator, so obviously we do hot and warm very well.   But Costa Rica is also a narrow and extremely mountainous country located between two massive oceans, so high altitudes, with their stunning cloud forests and misty mystique, are cooler than what you might expect.  Our luxury vacation rentals are located throughout all of Costa Rica, so you can have a five-star luxury experience in a climate that lets you enjoy the breeze.

Our local staff of experts is available right now to chat with you on the telephone or electronically about your wishes and ideas.  Contact us now to get started planning your next luxury vacation in Costa Rica.