Casa Catalina ocean-view pool

When you’re considering whether you should reserve one of our Tamarindo luxury villas or a hotel, consider these seven amenities you won’t find at the latter. Case in point: Imagine basking in your very own, private, ocean-view swimming pool at sunset. (Pictured: Casa Catalina)

Whenever you travel, one of the first questions – after deciding on your destination, that is – is where you’ll stay. And, when it comes to Costa Rica’s Gold Coast, the answer comes down to two basic options: Tamarindo luxury villas or Tamarindo luxury hotels.

There’s an argument for both, of course. That said, we firmly (and unsurprisingly) fall into the prior camp: We are unabashed and enthusiastic fans of Costa Rica’s most luxurious vacation homes – and we think you will be, too. Here’s why.

There are several reasons behind our preference, but they all boil down to one thing: amenities! Luxury vacation villas offer many more amenities than their hotel counterparts, and to us, amenities can make the vacation experience.

Not yet sold on the idea? Here are seven amenities, extras and nice-to-haves – ocean-view hot tubs and just-for-you WiFi, gourmet kitchens and walls of glass – you’ll find at our Tamarindo luxury villas (but wouldn’t at hotels). And by that, we mean you’ll find all seven amenities, together, in one home-away-from-home.

  1. Garden, Dry Forest & Ocean Views

Tamarindo luxury villas privileged ocean views

Views. For. DAYS. A luxury home not only offers privileged views of sand and sea, but affords wide and unobstructed panoramas – no neighboring hotel room in sight to mar your view.

Okay, of course– hotels can have garden, dry forest, or ocean views. But, rarely do they command the expansive panoramas you’ll find at our favorite Tamarindo luxury villas. (And when they do, you’ll have to pay a hefty premium to book one of those rooms.)

Whether set on a breezy hilltop or cozied right up to the sand, the lavishness of a private ocean-view or oceanfront lot means privileged views you just can’t find in a hotel room.

  1. A Private Pool and/or Hot Tub

Casa Leo Loco with private ocean-view swimming pool-min

There’s something truly special about lounging in your own, private pool or hot tub, with just the view as company. (Pictured: Casa Leo Loco)

Hotel pools are refreshing, but there’s nothing like the privacy, privilege, and luxury of your own private pool. Secreted onto sun-kissed decks overlooking the ocean, ringed with sun loungers and outdoor sofas, and often joined by bubbling hot tubs with a view, these just-for-you pools outstrip even the loveliest resort pool.

  1. Spacious Interiors & the Comforts of Home


This one’s a gimme, but the most obvious amenity of a vacation villa is the sheer luxury of space. Whereas the average luxury hotel room measures 650 square-feet – and splash-out suites usually top out around the 1,000 square-foot range – our most spacious Tamarindo luxury villas range from 1,600 square-feet (for a 2-bedroom condo) to 13,000+ square-feet (for a 6+ bedroom estate).

Beyond the benefit of space to spread out and actually live, a luxury vacation affords all the comforts – warmth and convenience, with the amenities you no longer want to vacation without: an always-available washer/dryer and squishy sofas, private bathrooms for everyone and TVs far enough from the kids’ or in-laws’ rooms that you can catch up on your favorite shows at night. Because, it’s the little things. And also, privacy. Try getting that at a hotel.

  1. Modern, Luxury Design

Tamarindo vacation home with gourmet kitchen

Whether you’re planning to cook a feat or just want to freedom to brew a morning pot of coffee, a gourmet kitchen is a wonderful amenity on vacation.

If you have a soft spot for high design, then you’ll love the novelty of spending a week (or so) in one of the top Tamarindo luxury villas. Designed by renowned international architects and professionally decorated, these homes feature everything from walls of windows and natural stone walls, to soaring ceilings and framed views.

If design and décor are near and dear to your heart, then peruse our Tamarindo luxury villas and find one that speaks to you – that has the design that tugs at your heartstrings. Because, your vacation home be an integral part of, not supplemental to your trip.

  1. A Fully Equipped, Gourmet Kitchen

Whether you simply want to brew a fresh pot of coffee in the morning and pop some popcorn at night, or you’re planning to grill up your catch-of-the-day or prepare a holiday feast, a fully equipped kitchen can transform your vacation and level-up your relationship with Costa Rican cuisine.

From personal experience, we can also say that if you’re traveling with tiny early-risers, there’s nothing like a well-equipped kitchen, a full box of cereal, and the luxury of sleeping in while the kids fix their own bowls.

  1. Fast WiFi (with Streaming Services)

Compass House Tamarindo walls windows

When you have breathtaking views, you want floor-to-ceiling windows

If you’ve ever stayed at a hotel that advertised free WiFi, only to arrive and encounter immediate restrictions – no streaming, no video calling, speed-reduced, etc. – then you’ll appreciate the freedom of a vacation home’s wireless internet: high-speed, streaming-approved and best of all, yours alone.

So, whether you like to catch a late-night stream or just want to call home for your sister’s brother’s birthday while you’re away, you’ll appreciate the freedom of your very own WiFi network.

  1. A Dedicated Concierge

Sure, some upscale hotels offer concierge services. The problem is, there’s usually just one or two concierge professionals to accommodate an entire hotel’s worth of guests. You probably won’t get much quality face-time.

When you reserve one of our Tamarindo luxury villas, you’re guaranteeing yourself both a spectacular vacation home and full (and FREE) travel concierge services.

So, what does that mean? After you make your reservation, your personal concierge will get in touch. She’ll send our welcome book, which includes plenty of details about the Tamarindo area, activities, tours, and other need-to-know information. Then, your concierge will follow up, in order to know you and your travel group as well as s/he knows Tamarindo.

After you’ve built your must-see, must-experience list, your concierge will help you build your trip around your wish list: tours, adventures, spa services, personal chefs – whatever you seek, your concierge will source. Then, s/he will book them all on your behalf, with zero markup.

And, while you’re here, your personal concierge is on call to attend any problems, questions, or other issues. You’re never without helping, and that itself is its own amenity.