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Ah, fall, that special time. The goodbye to summer. The air turns crisp. The leaves turn. And the temperature drops… The wind whips. Flurries blow in. Except, what if they didn’t? What if, this year, you swapped the fall doldrums for sun and sand of the tropics? For luxury rentals in Costa Rica, with oceanview pools and expansive terraces, tropical gardens and bubbling hot tubs?

Fall in Costa Rica is a special time. Landscapes are lush, the sand is soft, and the morning sun is bright. Come afternoon, storms roll in – will they last a minute or a few hours? – and rain rat-a-tats (or boom-ba-dooms) on your rooftop. Rainbows arc over the view and the sunsets… well, there’s nothing like an autumnal sunset in Costa Rica.

Welcome to the country’s best-kept secret: September and October, most often labeled as the “rainiest months” and not often loved for what that rain means. Greenery, everywhere. Sun-showers and rain showers – relief from the afternoon heat. And a daily invitation to slow down, take a beat, and enjoy something as simple as a rainstorm.

There’s a reason why most people who live here prefer the green season. So, if you think you can get on board with morning adventures and afternoon siestas, impressive views and daily reminders to slow down and actually enjoy these luxury rentals in Costa Rica, then a fall getaway might be just the ticket.

What’s Fall Like in Costa Rica?

Tamarindo sunset surfingMostly, it’s exactly as we’ve already said: Sunny mornings and rain in the afternoons. How much rain? Well, that depends (on the moment, the hour, the day, the year…) but, in September and October, in Guanacaste – the driest province in Costa Rica – you can expect anything from a 5-minute downpour to a few hours of steady rainfall.

If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to watch the storm roll in. Even luckier, and you’ll be on the pool terrace to watch a thunderstorm over the Pacific. There’s nothing quite like that flash of lightning against deep purple clouds!

So, what do you get in return for daily light shows and some obligatory downtime? The benefits of the green season are myriad and include:

  • Lower Prices: Green season, especially the later months, promises the absolute best prices of the year. Want a great deal? This is your moment.
  • Fewer Crowds: If elbowing your way through tourist throngs doesn’t make your vacation to-do list, then you’ll love Costa Rica in the fall, when crowds are few!
  • Green, Green, Green, Green!: “Green season” isn’t a euphemism; it’s a promise. If you dream of seeing the Costa Rica of postcards – lush green hills and vibrant tropical blooms – then you’ll have to visit when it’s raining.
  • Tropical Sunshine: Despite its name, the rainy season brings plenty of sunshine. The typical pattern is morning sun – and FYI, the sun comes up around 6 a.m., so you can easily pack in a good 8+ hours of sun before the first drop of rain – followed by rain, followed but more sunshine or a tropical sunset. And, speaking of…
  • Best Sunsets of the Year: The rain brings clouds and atmospheric conditions that deliver the absolute best sunsets in Costa Rica. They are often spectacular and, often, truly moving.

Costa Rica Green Season Travel: What to Do

mountain biking during Costa Rica green season

Let’s start here: You can do almost anything you please during the green season. With a little flexibility – ex. you may need to reschedule your snorkeling tour, if you wake up to storm clouds – you can pack any must-have activity into your fall travel to Costa Rica.

If you’re visiting in Green Season (officially, about mid-May through mid-November), and especially in September or October (the rainiest months, as mentioned above and seemingly cited everywhere), then it’s best to plan your activities for the morning. So, take that a.m. catamaran snorkeling cruise. Paddle the mangroves just after dawn. Ride ATVs until lunchtime. Meet up with your surf instructor sometimes after breakfast.

And then, earmark your afternoons for some well-deserved downtime: Relax. Grab a book. Watch a movie together. If doesn’t rain – and, yes, some days, it doesn’t rain – then jump into your private pool. Sneak in some extra rays in your sun loungers. Walk into town. Give the day an opportunity to unfold.

You may find that you love (and even prefer) the chill green-season vibe. We do! So, with that in mind, here are a few of our favorite green season activities:

Hiking and Mountain Biking

Costa Rica’s landscapes come alive during the green season. If you’re lucky enough to be here when everything is lush, do yourself a favor and book some trail time. Whether you’re hitting up one of Guanacaste’s national parks or wildlife preserves, or renting a mountain bike and hitting the hillsides, incredible sights, views and panoramas await.

The Labyrinth at La Senda

Swap your typical corn maze for the labyrinth at La Senda, where sacred geometry, six years, and thousands of cacti have created the largest natural labyrinth in the world! Wend and wind for almost 2 miles (3 kms) and over 2.5 acres of Guanacaste countryside – a physical, spiritual, and emotional journey, if you choose it to be.

Waterfall Chasing

Here’s a truth you won’t find in many guidebooks: Those waterfalls everyone raves about – they’re only trickling in high dry season! If you want to see Guanacaste’s waterfalls, as they were meant to be seen, then you’ll have to visit during the wetter months, when daily rains feed the falls and create powerful cascades. Be sure to ask us about which have safe swimming holes!

Whitewater Rafting

Ah, another one of those truths: Planning to whitewater raft? Then green season is your time. (Class III-IV rivers in green season are often Class I-II rivers in the dry season.) So, take advantage of this time: Book a wild, wet, and challenging whitewater rafting session down the Upper Tenorio River (Class III-IV) or try your skill at whitewater tubing on the Colorado River.

Tip: When you book one of our luxury rentals in Costa Rica, you also reserve the knowledge of our in-house concierge. She’ll help you avoid any potential hiccups and to plan an incredibly memorable rainy season escape!

Where to Stay this Fall: 3 Luxury Rentals in Costa

While green season offers the lowest prices and fewest crowds, that just-right property can still book fast. Here are 3 of our luxury rentals in Costa Rica that still have good Fall 2021 availability:

Villa Brisa del Mar

Playa Grande | 5 Beds | 4 Baths | 10 Guests

Villa Brisas del Mar luxury rentals in Costa Rica

This luxury vacation home borders one of the world’s rare leatherback turtle nesting beaches – a national park and protected area. Not only that, but it’s the last house on the beach: Welcome to a luxury vacation destination and your own, private wildlife sanctuary, where you’ll have only pelicans and iguanas as neighbors!

For here, at Villa Brisa del Mar, the kiss of the sea breeze welcomes you to a private pool and chef-ready kitchen, ocean-view patio and a spectacular master suite. To a complete experience.


Casa Quetzal

Santa Teresa | 4 Beds | 4 Baths | 10 Guests

Casa Quetzal luxury vacation home Santa Teresa Costa Rica

On the southern tip of Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula, Casa Quetzal offers a different take on luxury vacation: Here, hippy-chic design blends with modern spaces to create an ambiance perfect for getting away from it all.

Casa Quetzal sits in one of the most exclusive oceanfront locations in Santa Teresa, just 100m away from the white-sand idyllic beach. Retreat to a private pool and direct beachfront access, streaming natural light and a fully equipped bar. To exactly where you want to be.


Casa Galanga

Tamarindo | 8 Beds | 8 Baths | 19 Guests

Casa Galanga luxury vacation rental Tamarindo

A special home, a special place. High in the breezy hills of Tamarindo, Casa Galanga unfolds over some of the area’s most striking ocean views. Your perch: Your private pool and bubbling jacuzzi – or, at least, the expansive pool deck, which offers your choice of sun or shade.

Casa Galanga is a treat – and one of our top luxury rentals in Costa Rica. Clean lines and modern design highlight the reason you’re here: Pacific Ocean views, visible from almost every corner and any angle. The giant soaking tub, chef-ready kitchen, canopy beds and other amenities – well, they’re the cherries on top.


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