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When it comes to summer in Costa Rica, we can think of no better place to spend it than at one of our upscale, just-for-you Costa Rica villa rentals

Summer’s here!

And, if you’re thinking, “no, it’s not!” or if you’re looking out the window to gray skies and bare trees, then chances are, you’re not currently in Costa Rica. Because here, it’s summer.

Glorious, sun-splashed, breeze-kissed summer. Because, while we locals rave about the green season, we know that our guests most often prefer the dry season (aka summer): the season of near-guaranteed sunny days, warm weather, and brilliant sunsets. Of perfect weather, hour after hour and day after day. Every day, for as long as you’re here.

So, we thought you should know – summer’s here!

And with it, come some of our favorite views, warmest pools, and postcard-perfect Costa Rica villa rentals. Because, what’s summer without a dream-worthy place to stay and a private pool to dip your toes into?

But first, what does “summer” mean in Costa Rica? Aren’t we located in the Northern Hemisphere (aka dead of winter)? Well…

The Dry Season: Summer in Costa Rica

Let’s usher the elephant immediately out of the room: Yes, Costa Rica is located in the Northern Hemisphere and yes, that means we’re technically under the influence of the winter solstice.

But, yes, it’s still summertime here. For a few reasons. First, let’s talk warmth: Due to our tropical location near the Equator, Costa Rica experiences balmy temperatures year-round – in Tamarindo, that’s about 75º F to 90º F, every day of the year.

Our equatorial location also ensures that we get a consistent 12+ hours of sunshine all year long: the sun rises and sets at the same time every day (around 5:45 a.m. and 5:45-6:30 p.m., year-round).

And now, for the crux of the matter: From December to April, Costa Rica experiences a pronounced dry season. In much of the country, including Tamarindo and our surrounding Guanacaste province, it doesn’t rain at all during those months. (Note: Not true in every region. Ask us about it sometime!) And, if forced to pick between warm and dry or warm and rainy, the former feels distinctly more “summery.” (Want to know all the details? Check out our full month-by-month guide to Costa Rican weather.)

So, welcome to the Costa Rican summer! It’s a wonderful time to visit. Or work from home in paradise. Or to move on down, full-time. You know – whatever feels right.

Where to Stay: Two Costa Rica Villa Rentals Perfect in Summer

What’s in a perfect summer home? To us, it comes down to Costa Rica villa rentals where you can keep your distance while indulging in upscale amenities, including private pools, ocean views, indoor/outdoor living, and loungers beneath the stars.

Casa Puros Dieces

8 Beds | 8.5 Baths | 20 Guests

Casa Puros Dieces - Costa Rica luxury vacation villas-min

Welcome to Casa Puros Dieces, where every amenity is at your beck and call. It’s “Pure Tens,” even in the world of luxury Costa Rica villa rentals

Casa Puros Dieces lives up to its name – “Pure Tens” – in every way. And that’s why it’s our perfect ride-out-the-storm, keep-to-yourself summer paradise and one of our most popular Costa Rica villa rentals.

Equipped for even the largest families, this incredible, Balinese-style home offers every luxury, from an infinity pool and jacuzzi to open spaces, gourmet indoor/outdoor cooking and dining, and panoramic ocean views. And, did we mention, breakfast is served (excludes Sundays and holidays)!

Plan to stay awhile? Casa Puros Dieces also has a 100 Mbps internet connection – sufficient for all your short-, medium- and long-term needs, including video conference calling for work and streaming entertainment for play.

Casa Ventana

5 Beds | 5.5 Baths | 12 Guests

Casa Ventana, one of our Costa Rica villa rentals-min

Imagine drinking your morning coffee (or evening cocktail) here…

Imagine waking up to an electric blue sky, stepping out onto your sun-warmed patio, and sipping your coffee as your overlook a riot of green landscape that fades into the Pacific…

That is life at Casa Ventana – a ventana (window) into paradise, life in Costa Rica, and the luxury of enjoying the little things. And here, in one of the area’s most breathtaking Costa Rica villa rentals, you’ll have lots of the little (and not-so-little) things to enjoy: Incredible views of the jungle, estuary, and Pacific horizon; a short walk to the beach; indoor/outdoor living and dining, and a private pool with ocean views.

Casa Ventana is also equipped with high-speed, 100 Mbps internet and battery backup for an uninterrupted connection. So, whether you’re here to work-from-home in paradise or just don’t want to hear the kids fighting over who gets to stream, Casa Ventana has your peace-of-mind covered.

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What to Do During Costa Rica’s Dry Season / Summer Months

To be honest, the question is more what will you have time to do?

Even in 2021, when the world is still distanced, Costa Rica is a vacation paradise: Nearly every minute is spent outside, nearly every activity is naturally distanced. So, it’s more a question of your bucket list – and how you plan to split your vacation time between packing it all in while simultaneously devoting yourself to the art of relaxation.

Here are a few activities to consider:

Sport Fishing

Mottled with rivers and cozied up to some prime Pacific waters, Costa Rica offers year-round opportunities for freshwater and deep-sea fishing. From monster yellowfin tun to succulent mahi-mahi, Costa Rica offers avid anglers an abundance of hard-fighting and prize-winning fish.


surfer at sunset in Tamarindo

Surfing at sunset? Yes, please!

With year-round tropical temperatures and some of seriously big barrels, hard breaks, and consistent waves, Costa Rica is a shoo-in for a spot among the world’s best surf spots. Of course, the longest left point break in the world, giant swells steady enough to host the 2009 World Surfing Games, and killer right point breaks worthy of a cameo in surfing movie Endless Summer 2 don’t hurt either.

Birding & Wildlife Watching

Home to more than 4% of the world’s total plant and animal species, Costa Rica is a veritable birding and wildlife watching paradise. Naturalist guides (and we know the best!) are every nature-lover’s best friends, as they’re experts in natural knowledge and trained to spot hidden specimens from afar. Search the dry forests, mangroves, and beaches for everything from common favorites, such as spider monkeys and sloths, to harder-to-spot rarities, including humpback whales and leatherback turtles.

Canopy Zipline Tours

Perhaps the most iconic of Costa Rica’s adventure activities, canopy tours are a must if you’re after an adrenaline rush. Fly through the air hundreds of feet above the ground, and attain speeds of 60+ miles per hour. Jump off Tarzan swing platforms, which promise pendulum swings of more than 100 feet. Rappel down waterfalls and tree trunks. Climb a 100-foot rock wall. Live an unforgettable experience.

Day Spas

Tamarindo spa

You deserve it.

Costa Rica does more than just high octane: Day spas are at the ready to deliver outdoor and in-home treatments, soothe sore muscles and wick away pain with traditional remedies, expert technique, and innovative therapies, as well as a prism of aromatherapy, natural salves, and local remedies. Tailor your spa regimen to fit your trip – a volcanic mud body wrap at the base of a volcano or a Swedish massage with local coconut oil on the shores of the Pacific.

Get Outside!

Plan Your Perfect Costa Rican Summer

Want to find your perfect summer getaway? Or, plan outdoor activities with your travel bubble?

When you reserve one of our Costa Rica villa rentals, you’re booking more than just a spectacular home; your reservation also includes full travel concierge services.

So, what does that mean? Well, when you make your reservation, our skilled in-house concierge will get in touch. She is an expert in all things Costa Rica and her job is to get to know you that well, too. Share your desires and preferences, peruse our recommendations, and start building your must-do, can’t-miss lists.

Our concierge will tailor your vacation to your specific needs and interests. From the little details – airport pickup and a private chef – to all your activities and transportation, our concierge services are absolutely and always free for our guests. You dream, we take care of the details.

Please get in touch for more information about our Costa Rica luxury vacation villas and our concierge services.

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