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What makes for “perfect” Costa Rica villa rentals? The answer depends on you.

So, you’re perusing the big, wide internet of Costa Rica villa rentals. It’s overwhelming, to say the least: There are thousands of possibilities, dozens of companies, but only one important decision to make.

We’d like to think we know a thing or two (or two hundred) about Costa Rica villa rentals – and finding the perfect one for you. And so, we’ve pulled together this list of the biggest considerations (and biggest light-bulb moments) for evaluating your options and making the best choice for your upcoming vacation.

7 Personalized Criteria to Evaluate Costa Rica Villa Rentals

When we say personalized, we mean personal-to-you – your priorities, your experience, your feelings about what turns your vacation into a forever-cherished, never-forgotten kind of trip.

Consideration #1: Location

As they say: Location, location, location!

As we say: Location is personal. And, while all the criteria on our list is inherently personal, this one may be the most personal of all. That’s because one vacationer’s paradise in another’s hard pass: You may want a secluded mansion in the hills of Tamarindo, or you could seek a penthouse condo in the heart of it all. Your travel dreams may hinge on a luxury community complete with every amenity, or you could prefer to be all alone, sovereign of your private castle.

The good thing is, greater Tamarindo has a location perfect for everyone. Yes, we have secluded mansions in the hills and penthouse condos downtown, amenity-rich luxury communities and isolated private castles. The key is to figure out what matters most to you, and then from there, hone in on a specific location that fulfills the broad brushstrokes of your ideal vacation setting.

Need a little help identifying what makes a perfect location, for you? Get in touch and we’ll help you dial in.

Consideration #2: Photos

We know – this seems like a gimme. But photos really can speak a thousand words – and in more ways than immediately meet the eye.

The first consideration is number and quality of the photos: A home that approaches rentals as a business, is more likely to act professionally. And you want professional, when it comes to your vacation, because professional hosts, property managers, and vacation rental companies approach hospitality, maintenance, and other issues in a timely and comprehensive manner.

So, consider a property’s photos as your first hint to how a home in managed. Beyond that, verify that there are many photos that illuminate every corner of the home. What you don’t see could amount to a surprise, good or bad. So, look to see everything, in good light, to build expectations based in reality.

Bottom line: If a home’s listing offers ample photos and you like what you see online, you’ll likely to also like what you see in person. And that’s the goal.

Consideration #3: Reviews

Another gimme, but one that is too often overlooked: Reviews offer true insight into a vacation experience. Real people, real vacations, real takeaways – and they can offer a wonderful, first-person look into what it’s like to stay at a home.

Here’s the trick to reading reviews (especially for homes with too many reviews to read them all): Scan the 5-star reviews and peruse the 1-stars, as they’ll give you a good idea of the moments that soar and the hard disappointments, if any. Then, focus on the 3- and 4-star reviews, as they often highlight the balanced experiences, with little influence from the highs and lows of extreme emotion.

Consideration #4: Included Amenities

Not all Costa Rica villa rentals are created equal: While some homes consider a second bathroom to be an amenity, others approach amenities as the little touches and extras that go the extra mile: a complimentary concierge and kitchen stocking, personal chef services and welcome baskets.

Only you know where your baseline lies: What is your definition of an amenity? What kind of experience do you want from your vacation?

Consideration #5: Next Door & the Neighborhood

Playa Grande luxury vacation rentals in Costa Rica

When you reserve this view, confirm you’ll really have this view.

Here’s something you probably haven’t asked before: What’s happening next door? What’s going on in the neighborhood?

We’ve all been there, done that: You go somewhere you’ve been anticipating – a friend’s house, a restaurant, a destination – only to find that there’s construction happening next door. Or that a huge swath of trees have been clear-cut. Or that the neighbors are throwing huge parties, every day. 

Don’t be afraid to ask the property management company (or host) about the conditions surrounding any Costa Rica villa rentals: The good ones – the honest ones – will be open with you. They want you to enjoy your time, after all. And, here’s an intrinsic benefit to working with a vacation rental company: They have other options. If, for whatever reason, they (or you) believe that a specific home isn’t right for your needs or wish list, they’ll have others that are. So, go ahead – ask. Your vacation will be better for it!

Consideration #6: Nearby Attractions

This one may be closely linked with location, but it isn’t quite the same. Here’s the difference: While you’ll spend a lot of time in your vacation home – and, therefore, a lot of time enjoying its hillside seclusion or downtown convenience, community amenities or private perks – you’ll only spend a day (probably) at each attraction.

So, we recommend prioritizing location first and attractions second. That said, no one wants to be hours and hours from the top billing on their vacation bucket list, so take this things into consideration: How close will you be to the most important vacation must-sees and must-visits? From there, you’ll be able to better balance your location wishes and your attraction wish list.

Consideration #7: Expert Opinions

It’s easy to feel like a lone wolf, when evaluating your short list of Costa Rica villa rentals. But, vacation planning doesn’t have to be a solo pursuit; you can take advantage of local expertise! (Entire websites have emerged from this very idea.)

Feel free to get in touch. Pick our brains. Ask all the big questions, paired with the little things you didn’t know could have answers. Share both your wish list and your wildest dreams. And then, ask us: Where would you recommend I stay? You may be surprised with what we deem your “perfect” vacation villa!

An Additional Consideration: Your Vacation Rental Company

Though it sounds like self-promotion, we’d be remiss to omit this: Your choice of vacation rental company will influence your travel experience.

Here’s why:

  • Professionalism: A professional company is, well… professional. They run a business, which means that they take your vacation experience seriously. They strive for you to love every aspect, which means that they’re prepping the home to perfection. They have maintenance staff on call, to handle any mid-trip needs. Their business is a well-oiled machine – and you’re going to really appreciate what that means to the big and little details of your trip.
  • Expertise: Even more than professionalism, a quality vacation rental company will offer expertise and insider tips for all aspects of your vacation. They know the common (and uncommon) pitfalls and complaints. They also know the highs and joys of the Best Vacation Ever. And they bring all that knowledge and proficiency to the table, from the moment you get in touch.
  • Concierge Services: Speaking of expertise, the best vacation rental companies will also offer concierge services, to help you plan every aspect of your vacation. Even better, these services are complementary: there’s no added fee for the expert’s intimate local knowledge, professional logistics, and firsthand advice, not to mention planning and reserving any activity or tour your heart desires.
  • 24/7 Help: We’ve all been there: It’s 9 p.m. and you’ve accidentally locked yourself out. Or the dryer isn’t working. Or a toilet is clogged. (It happens to everyone!) One of the biggest de-stressors to working with a company is knowing that their Costa Rica villa rentals come with 24/7 help – with someone to deliver an extra key, schedule a dryer maintenance call, or unclog the toilet, as soon as possible. Because you can’t wait a day (or even a few hours) for that rescue key.

At Luxury Villas Costa Rica, we are proudly all these things: Professionals with serious expertise, offering concierge services, 24/7 help, and everything in between.

Where to Stay: 3 Costa Rica Villa Rentals for Your Consideration

So, given all of the above, where and why might we recommend one of our Costa Rica villa rentals? Here are three options:

For Large Parties Seeking Private Amenities: Villa Indo

Santa Teresa | 6 Beds | 6 Baths

Villa Indo Costa Rica beach house rentals

Villa Indo is one of the most luxurious villas on the southern Nicoya Peninsula – and a perfect choice for larger families and groups.

Located on the northern end of Santa Teresa, Villa Indo is one of the area’s most exclusive villa rentals – and an ideal choice for families and groups traveling together, thanks to social spaces and the home’s amenities, beach access and ample room for privacy.

Here, every room has a king-sized bed and every corner has a view, either to the pool, the palms, or to the sparkling Pacific Ocean. Even better, you’ll have direct access to the beach, via your private pool and lounge area, complete with hammocks and palapas.

Visiting with many of your nearest and dearest? Villa Indo can be rented with its two sister villas, Villa Batu(8 bedrooms 8 baths) and Villa Jaka (3 bedrooms 3 baths), for a total of 17 bedrooms.

For a Vacation in the Lap of Luxury: Casa Puros Dieces

8 Bedrooms | 8.5 Bathrooms | Sleeps 20  

Casa Puros Dieces - Costa Rica luxury vacation villas-min

Welcome to Casa Puros Dieces, where every amenity is at your beck and call. It’s “Pure Tens,” even in the world of luxury Costa Rica villa rentals

Welcome to one of Costa Rica’s most jaw-dropping (and largest) villa rentals: Casa Puros Dieces, an ocean-view, Balinese-style mansion set on a tropical hilltop, where horizon meets sky and vacation meets luxury.

Here, overlooking breathtaking coastal expanses and sun-dappled sands, the home’s infinity-edge swimming pool blurs the line between indoor and outdoor living: Sun loungers. Outdoor dining. Shaded living. Outdoor everything. And unparalleled views: cerulean sea and striking sunsets. Yes, this is why you’re here. Why you came. So, jump in. Swim to the edge. Go ahead, bring your drink. As we said, this is why you’re here.

It won’t take long to discover why Casa Puros Dieces is called the “perfect ten.”

For Sweet, Sweet [Luxurious] Seclusion: Flamingo Blu

Flamingo Beach | 5 Beds | 6 Baths | 12 Guests

Flamingo Blu oceanfront top Costa Rica destinations

Flamingo Blu is one of the most luxurious vacation homes, in one of the most hidden-gem Costa Rica destinations

If you’re the type of traveler to define luxury in terms of privacy and seclusion, then Flamingo Blu will fulfill your every wildest luxury dream: Set on a quiet hillside that arcs down toward the curve of Flamingo Beach, this exquisite vacation home is a true work of art.

Built completely in the round – Flamingo Blue radiates outward from an inner courtyard – this home plays architectural homage to light and air, natural landscapes and ocean breezes. Natural light streams in through every window and open door, tracing its path from east to west, fanning illumination throughout the villa.

Outdoors, a spectacular infinity pool stands as showcase, spilling down the mountainside toward the lapping Pacific waves. Don’t want to take a swim? A curving sun deck serves as a spectacular – and sun-drenched – spot to relax, read a book, and enjoy famed Flamingo Beach sunsets. Sunsets that are all yours. As we said, privacy.

Need Help Finding These “Perfect” Costa Rica Villa Rentals – and Planning Your Dream Vacation?

When you reserve a luxury villa with us, you’re booking more than just a spectacular home; your reservation also includes full travel concierge services.

So, what does that mean? Well, when you make your reservation, our skilled in-house concierge will get in touch. She is an expert in all things Costa Rica and her job is to get to know you that well, too. Share your desires and preferences, peruse our recommendations, and start building your must-do, can’t-miss lists.

Our concierge will tailor your vacation to your specific needs and interests. From the little details – airport pickup and a private chef – to all your activities and transportation, our concierge services are absolutely and always free for our guests. You dream, we take care of the details.

Please get in touch for more information about our Costa Rica luxury vacation villas and our concierge services.