Tamarindo luxury villas have private pools

If your short-term plans don’t include Costa Rica 2022, may we suggest you reconsider? Because…

You are so ready. Ready to let loose. To let your fancy free. To cast the past two years to the wind and release your spirits to soar again. And so, you’ve marked Costa Rica 2022 on the calendar and are surfing for inspiration. If only until you can be surfing for real.

You may have found many somethings interesting. You could even have happened upon a few Costa Rica vacation packages 2022. But before you click “book,” have a gander here. Because we know a thing or two about Costa Rica, and we’re primed and ready to help you plan for 2022.

Our in-house concierge, Cris, can even build you a completely custom, just-for-you, no-added-cost vacation package. And her services are completely complimentary when you stay at one of our spectacular homes.

But before we get to any of that, let’s start with why you’re here: The views. The wildlife. The adventure. The scenery! Costa Rica 2022 is looking pretty stunning already. Need a little more convincing? Here are a few reasons why you’ll absolutely love to visit Costa Rica this year:

Why #1: Just Look at the Scenery! (And the Biodiversity!)

hanging bridges in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s landscapes – from sea to shining sea, literally – deliver some of the world’s most beautiful views and most spectacular biodiversity.

It’s true: Costa Rica is home to approximately 5% of the world’s total species, incredibly housed within just 0.3% of the planet’s landmass. What’s more, over 25% of the country is protected within national parks, nature preserves, wildlife refuges, and other sanctuaries.

Why #2: The Weather

Raise your hand if you love the sun. And the kiss of sea breeze. And blue skies. And rainbows. And sunsets. And warmth, all day long.

No matter when you visit Costa Rica – from January through December – the climate and the weather always promise something to love. Whether you’re here at the height of the dry season (December to May) or visit during one of the rainier months (mid-May through November, with peaks in September and October), the coastal areas promise 75º to 95º temperatures, vivid skies, and the promise of outdoor everything.

Why #3: Casa Serena

Hacienda Pinilla | 5 Beds | 5 Baths | 10 Guests

Casa Serena Hacienda Pinilla Costa Rica

A labyrinth of indoor-outdoor living, Casa Serena is a home that spares no luxury. Dedicated to every exquisite detail and touch of comfort, this is a place where decadence resides alongside warmth and grace dances flawlessly with luxury.

For here, in your private piece of paradise, beachfront Casa Serena delivers four independent bedroom/bathroom suites, plus an additional and spacious apartment-style room. There’s a custom infinity pool, wrapped around a towering tree. And a full gym and private spa, all your own.

And yet, with every perfect detail, there’s something priceless that Casa Serena couldn’t build but still delivers: Oceanfront on a spectacular beach, this tranquil home bids you wander out your doorway and onto the sand, as often and for as long as you’d like.

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Why #4: Ease of Travel

Not only is Costa Rica a short flight from the United States and Canada, but it’s relatively easy to plan your Costa Rica 2022 visit. Current requirements are :

  1. A completed Health Pass.
  2. And, if you’re not vaccinated, you’ll be required to have Traveler’s Medical Insurance (international or Costa Rican), effective for your visit. You policy must cover at least $50,000 in medical expenses (including COVID) and a minimum of $2,000 for COVID-related (possible quarantine) lodging expenses.

Keep in mind, your return requirements will depend on your country of residence.

Why #5: Safety of Travel

Costa Rica luxury villa rentals on Langosta Beach

In addition to being close to home and easy to visit, Costa Rica is also big on health and safety, especially within the framework of Costa Rica 2022.

Because here, you’ll be outside all day, every day. You’ll be swimming in the ocean and soaring through the treetops. You’ll be naturally keeping your distance. And you’ll be staying with your social pod – and only your pod, as long as you’ve reserved a private vacation rental.

Costa Rica has also enacted a range of common-sense safety protocols, including masking in public spaces, hand-washing stations at almost every business, sanitizing floor mats, and more.

Why #6: Flamingo Blu

Playa Flamingo | 5 Beds | 6 Baths | 10 Guests

Flamingo Blu on the best beaches in Guanacaste

A unique and spectacular beachfront property, Flamingo Blu rises as one of our top choices for Costa Rica 2022: Dedicated to every detail yet deliciously relaxed, almost over-the-top yet wonderfully unpretentious, this ocean-view home reaches right down to the sands of beautiful Flamingo Beach.

Here, on your own hilltop perch, you’ll revel in this mesmerizing panorama of ocean, sky, and mountains. You’ll take deep breaths of ocean air and cool breezes – the perfect eco-friendly design to eliminate the need for air-conditioning. You’ll lounge in the ocean-view infinity pool and accompanying pool terrace. You’ll wave to howler monkeys and snap photos of exotic birds. You’ll serve your meals outdoors and will create unforgettable memories, as you admire the view.

You’ll do everything you’ve itched to do, for so long now.

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Why #7: The Adventure Quotient

zip lining tour in Tamarindo Costa Rica

You’ve been mostly cooped up for two years and now, you’re ready to be let free. And freedom feels a lot like adrenaline, sometimes.

A Costa Rica 2022 delivers with serious adventure, from high-flying zipline canopy tours and active volcanoes to epic surf and hikes into dry forests, rainforests, cloud forests, and more. You can rappel down waterfalls and horseback ride down beaches, paddle into crocodile habitats and snorkel with the manta rays. It’s the adventure, the excitement, and the exhilaration you crave.

Why #8: The Beaches

Your heart may cry out for adventure but your heart – well, it craves something more sublime. You cannot wait to stroll the beach again. You yearn for the grit of sand between your toes. And you crave the sight of an oceanside sunset.

Costa Rica 2022 promises to deliver. Pinky swear. Because, with over 500 miles of coastline, including our very own Gold Coast, there’s plenty of beach for you to carve out a little slice all your own. If only just for now.

Why #9: Villa Brisa del Mar

Playa Grande | 5 Beds | 4 Baths | 10 Guests

Villa Brisa del Mar on Playa Grande Costa Rica

Bordering rare leatherback sea turtle nesting grounds and spectacular surf, this rare last house on the beach – one of Playa Grande’s original beach bungalows – is recently redesigned and ready to host your Costa Rica 2022 vacation.

A luxury home, Villa Brisa del Mar is a favorite not only for its location – mere steps to the beach and separate from neighboring homes ­– but for its amenities. With a private pool, chef-ready kitchen, Pacific-view patio, bedroom air-conditioning, full accouterments (beach toys, boogie boards, snorkel gear, and more!) it’s equipped for everything you need – and nothing you don’t. Like crowds and neighbors and noise and traffic.

Welcome to paradise.

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Make a Plan for Costa Rica 2022

For a country smaller than West Virginia, Costa Rica is vast. Its promises are many, its wonders expansive, and its to-do lists long. So really, it begins with you: What do you want to see and do this year? Where do you want to go?

At Luxury Villas Costa Rica, we have two specialties: homes at and on the best beaches in Guanacaste, and you. Yes, you. Because a great vacation is rooted in heart – in what you hope to get out of your travels. So please, tell us why you’ve chosen Costa Rica. If you don’t know exactly where you want to go, even if you haven’t whittled down your wish list, we can help. We love to help.

Cris will be in touch soon. Until then, feel free to peruse our Costa Rica destinations. Dream a little (and a lot). And then, get in touch! We look forward to it.