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If you dream of gorgeous sunsets, green landscapes, and lush scenery on vacation, then you’re dreaming of the best months to visit Costa Rica – the green season. (Surprise!)

When you think of the best months to visit Costa Rica, the answer largely depends on you. What do you seek from your time in Costa Rica? When do you have vacation time? What do you want to do while you’re here? These questions will determine your best season to visit Costa Rica.

So, first things first: Costa Rica’s rainy season officially runs from April/May through November. At least, it does in Guanacaste (that’s northwestern Costa Rica, where Tamarindo is located). It flip-flops along the Caribbean coast, goes rogue around Arenal, and doesn’t always follow its own rules, depending on the year’s weather patterns. (Rains can begin in April some years and in others, April will be all dry and sunny!)

But, generally speaking, the green season begins in mid-to-late-April and ends somewhere around mid-November. Anywhere within that range, you can expect great deals, gorgeous landscapes, and plenty of sunshine. No, that’s not a typo. Please read on:

It Doesn’t Rain All Day!

When it comes to planning travel, most people skip the green season out of fear that it’ll rain all day, every day. So, take heart: All-day rain is very uncommon. In Guanacaste, specifically, it’s almost unheard of. Throughout most of the green season, you’ll luxuriate in gorgeous, sunny mornings and anything from occasional to consistent afternoon rains. (Here in the northwest Pacific, you can expect anything from zero to a couple of hours of rain most days.)

The rule of thumb: If you visit during the shoulder season (April/May and November), you’ll have better chances at all-day (or most-of-the-day) sunshine. By contrast, the months of September and October are the rainiest here in Guanacaste.

The Crowds Are Fewer

If you crave a Costa Rica that feels a little more “all yours” than “all ours,” then welcome to the green season! Those travelers who avoid the green season (see above)? They make Costa Rica all yours: quieter beaches, uncrowded parks, hardly anyone at the waterfalls…

Tip: If your goal is to avoid the crowds, know that there are two mini peak seasons within the green season: during the first two weeks of July and in mid-September, Costa Rica’s schools go on break and Costa Ricans go to the beach.

Complimentary Private Chef: Casa de Luz

Playa Langosta | 8 Beds | 7 Baths | 23 Guests

*2022 Green Season Special! Private Chef Service, on the House! (See below.)

Casa de Luz luxury vacation villa Tamarindo

With a full-time staff, a private pool, and one-of-a-kind views, Casa de Luz is an easy addition to our favorite Costa Rica luxury vacation villas

When you dream of a tropical paradise and a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, your imagination will conjure up something very similar to Casa de Luz: a magnificent, beachfront villa just steps to the Pacific Ocean and promising a front-row seat to some of Costa Rica’s most spectacular evening sunsets.

Casa de Luz is a true experience: a sprawling home, fully solar-powered and sitting directly on the sand. You’ll enjoy daily housekeeping (except Sundays and holidays), including daily breakfast prep, cocktails by the pool, and laundry. So, go ahead – lounge by your private infinity-edge, oceanview pool. Spend a night in the beachfront pool casita. Take a stroll on the sand. Do all the things. Because Casa de Luz is a one-of-a-kind “quiet” house, designed so you can relax and enjoy the harmonies of nature and the Pacific.

We are now offering Premier Chef Service, on the house, during your stay from April 18 to May 31, 2022. This offer includes private meal preparation for up to 10 guests: a 5-star meal, prepared by an international chef, for an unforgettable meal and a true luxury experience for you and your group.

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The Green is Glorious

When you think of Costa Rica, what does your mind’s eye see? We’re betting you envision landscapes swathed in emerald-hued rainforests and lush tropical plantings. And we’re here to tell you that your vision belongs to the green season.

The dry season is so named because it doesn’t rain. It is dry – not just the weather, but the scenery. That means you won’t find the landscape as green or the waterfalls as full (some even run dry). Everything comes alive (literally) in the green season. So, if you’re here for the foliage and the panoramas and the exotic everything, then the green season really does represent your best months to visit Costa Rica.

There Are Great Deals

We’ll be frank: You won’t have any negotiating power during the dry/high season months. But in the green season, you’ll have access to lower prices and a bit of room for negotiation on tours and (maybe) certain services.

Green Season Pleasures: Casa Leon

Hacienda Pinilla | 8 Beds | 8 Baths | 16 Guests

Casa Leon Hacienda Pinilla beach vacation rental

Located within the exclusive community of Hacienda Pinilla, Casa Leon is just a few steps to the beach, to the Hacienda Pinilla Beach Club, and to a community ripe for exploration

Just a few steps from the beach, Casa Leon is a hidden treasure amidst the wonders of Hacienda Pinilla. Because here, in one of Costa Rica’s most unforgettable communities and indescribable destinations, Casa Leon adds its own layers of extraordinary and unforgettable vacation moments.

The perfect choice for families and large groups, Casa Leon delivers everything you expect of a luxury vacation home – a gourmet kitchen, a striking private pool, outdoor living and dining, and stunning design – paired with breakfast preparation (5 days/week), walls of glass, palatial interiors, and what is arguably Hacienda Pinilla’s best location: steps to the beach and just 60 yards down the sand to the Hacienda Pinilla Beach Club.

Come the green season, Casa Leon offers that just-right balance of activity and relaxation. Spend your sunny hours on the links (72-par golf course!), the court (clay tennis courts!), the trails (miles for hiking and biking!), or the sands (three of the most pristine beaches in the country!). And then, during a storm, enjoy the lightning show and the pitter-patter of rain from one of your many balconies and terraces. Welcome to tranquility.

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It’s Turtle + Humpback Whale-Watching Season!

If all of the above is not quite enough to convince you that the green season encompasses several of the best months to visit Costa Rica, then consider that these months are also the best for sea turtle and whale-watching: both are migrating and nesting/birthing, which means that your chances of seeing both are significantly improved.

What Are Your Best Months to Visit Costa Rica?

For many of us, the best months to travel are the months we have free – footloose, off of work, and free from school. So, let us know: What are your personal best months to visit Costa Rica?

We’re happy to help. At Luxury Villas Costa Rica, we have two specialties: homes at and on the best beaches in Guanacaste, and you. Yes, you. Because a great vacation is rooted in heart – in what you hope to get out of your travels. So please, tell us why (and when) you’ve chosen Costa Rica. If you only know when you’ll be here and don’t yet know exactly where you want to go, we can help. We love to help.

Cris, our complimentary concierge, will be in touch soon. Until then, feel free to peruse our Costa Rica destinations. Dream a little (and a lot). And then, get in touch! We look forward to it.