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Vacation is a time of escape – a time to embrace your dreams, hug your wish list, and go all-in on everything you’ve ever wanted. And that’s right where six of our favorite Costa Rica luxury villas slide onto your short list, fulfilling your every request and adding a few didn’t-know-you-needed-them pleasures.

Speaking of the amenities you never knew you needed, we thought we’d fuel those reveries with a few of the country’s most unique villa features: beyond the indulgences of infinity-edge pools and cascading decks, spectacular sunsets and resort amenities, these Costa Rica luxury villas surge into unique territory with solar panels and independent villa bedrooms, private “islands,”and beachfront locations.

Can you almost hear the crashing surf now?

  1. Casa Puros Dieces

8 Beds | 8.5 Baths | 20 Guests

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Perched on a hilltop overlooking Tamarindo Bay,ocean-view Casa Puros Dieces – Spanish for a “perfect 10” – encompasses a koi pond, infinity-edge pool, and magnificent sunsets, among other standout features. You’ll vibe with its Balinese style and cascading decks, not to mention the expansive glass and open spaces that blur the lines between indoors and out.

Unique streak: There’s a lot that pushes Casa Puros Dieces into unique territory, but if we had to pick just one feature, it’s this: If you’re sensitive to insects, then you’ll be delighted with the home’s mosquito-repellent misting system. It activates twice daily, to apply a plant-based, non-toxic repellent throughout the home. You can finally vacation in peace.

  1. Puesta del Sol

6 Beds | 6 Baths | 16 Guests

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Located at the tippy-top of a hill overlooking Tamarindo, Puesta del Sol earns its name – Spanish for “sunset”– from its 300-degree panoramic views of the shimmering Pacific, Tamarindo Bay, and the rolling green hills that surround. Say it with us: Ocean. Breezes.

You’ll feel as if you’re floating in the sky. Even among our Costa Rica luxury villas and ocean-view favorites, these panoramas are decidedly uncommon.

Unique streak: While we love Puesta del Sol for its location and panoramas, what makes this home stand out is its architecture. Comprised of seven independent structures, Puesta del Sol unfurls over six villa-style suites – spacious bedroom, bathroom, private porch, and sitting area – and jungle or ocean views.

  1. Casa de Luz

8 Beds | 7 Baths | 23 Guests

Casa de Luz Costa Rica luxury villas-min

When you’re traveling with a group (or even a hoard!) of your nearest and dearest, then you’ll have your eye on Casa de Luz, the grandest beachfront for miles– and its own, self-contained boutique resort.

Set along the Millionaire Mile of Playa Langosta, Casa de Luz comprises a main villa and two independent courtyard casitas, surrounded by lush gardens, a private pool, and the world’s best front yard: crashing waves, soft sand, and a warm Pacific Ocean. And that’ll undoubtedly be the focus of your vacation and celebration, which sprawl over ample outdoor gathering spaces.

Unique streak: A cut above the rest, Casa de Luz is one of the Tamarindo area’s only solar-powered homes. It’s not just that, though: The home uses Costa Rica’s top-of-the line biodegradable cleaning and hygiene products (great for sensitive skin, by the way!) and the pool/laundry’s ozone sanitation systems reduce by 90% the need for chlorine and cleaning products.

  1. Compass House

8 Beds | 8 Baths | 16 Guests

Compass House ocean view swimming pool-min

The compass may always point north, but your heart will lead you to Compass House. Set high on a hill above Tamarindo and the Pacific Ocean, this chic ocean-view property is built for discerning expectations: crisp lines and a modern color palette, soaring interiors and expansive exteriors, natural materials and cool steel.

And, always, a sense of connection to sand and sea, to sky and Mother Nature. This may be the one of the only Costa Rica luxury villas and Tamarindo-area homes to offer a heated Jacuzzi, or to deploy a Sonos speaker system, or to deliver this infinity pool, but really, you’re here for this feeling, this experience, this view. It’s always about the view.

Unique streak: We know there’s something special, when you feel like you’re both traveling with a group and completely in your own world. And, this is exactly the travel world you’ll inhabit at Casa Compass, where each of the eight luxury bedroom/bathroom suites opens to the outdoors – and ocean views – through its own set of oversized sliding glass doors.

  1. The Island House

4 Beds | 4 Baths | 12 Guests

The Island House Tamarindo luxury villas-min

Costa Rica may not be an island, but you can still carve out your own deserted paradise – here, at the Island House. This is a secluded home of stunning grandeur and absolute tranquility – a special place that enlivens your senses as it soothes your soul.

Designed to pull Costa Rica’s pristine outward splendor into the home’s inward beauty, the home’s architecture is truly one-of-a-kind: private and lush, with retractable glass walls that blur the line between indoors and out. This is a fresh take on casual elegance and modern design, in perfect complement to the raw majesty and unbounded beauty that is natural Costa Rica.

Unique streak: You need only lookat the Island House to see what makes this home so special: an island pool with a floating outdoor living area at its center: sofa loungers, a shade sail, and its eponymous pool – a sparkling yet private sea that open onto the home’s indoor-outdoor kitchen and dining area. It’s seamless. It’s effortless. It’s the Island House.

  1. Oceano Azul

4 Beds | 4 Baths | 10 Guests

oceanfront swimming pool Oceano Azul Costa Rica-min

A crisp, ocean-inspired color palette offsets privileged sea views and Oceano Azul, located on a small peninsula, formed by the dueling forces of Pacific Ocean and tranquil estuary, which ebbs and flows through inland rainforest.

Ample living spaces, sprawling outdoor living, and serpentine decking define vacation living at this beachfront sanctuary, where four spacious guest suites open onto a sparkling pool and Costa Rica’s most favored views. Step out. Dip your toes in the pool. Walk across the grass and onto powdery, warm sands. Wade into the sea. This is why you’re here.

Unique streak: In Costa Rica, oceanfront property is extremely limited. Walk our beaches and you’ll see why: Here, the sands are for sea almonds and palms, monkeys and pelican, bare feet and sun loungers. And, therefore, Oceano Azul’s most unique feature is the luxury of location: steps from soft sands, sheltered waves, and crystal-clear swimming waters.

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